10 Best Party Cities in Europe

Calling all partiers, here is your to do list: the 10 best party cities in Europe! From dance clubs to festivals, to the best bars in town, here are the destinations that are not to be missed for partying. There’s something for everyone and everything is the best of the best!

  1. Ibiza. They call themselves the best party in the world, and Ibiza does not disappoint! Located off the coast of Spain, this is definitely one of the best party cities in Europe. Be prepared to begin the party at around 2:00 a.m. and go all night long until sunrise around 7:00 or 8:0 a.m. There is lots of beaching and lots of partying here in Ibiza, just not a lot of sleeping!
  2. Barcelona. It’s the diversity in Barcelona that makes it one of the top party cities in Europe. Because the city is so diverse and there are so many tourists and students from around the world, there is something for everyone. Spend your evening at a techno club one night and Jazz bar the next!
  3. Paris. Parisian nightlife is about choice and freedom, there is something here for whatever mood you’re in. Wander district to district to find very different versions of the cities nightlife.
  4. St. Tropez. Located on the French Riviera on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea St. Tropez is known the world over as a destination for the rich and famous; it is also one of the best party cities in Europe! Be sure to save up for a trip to St. Tropez though, you’ll find very steep prices for everything from lodging to the drink in your hand!
  5. Amsterdam. A go to place to party and undoubtedly one of the best party cities in Europe, Amsterdam has a party for everyone! Common party practices in Amsterdam are illegal most other places in the world, especially the United States, so settle in to Amsterdam and throw your inhibitions out the window–you’ll need it!
  6. Florence. If you’re looking for a young scene, you’ve found your answer in Florence. The city is chock full of students and travelers so the nighttime scene is young and wild. Be sure to dress to impress while out on the town, Italian party style is to the nines!
  7. Munich. Though Germany has great bars and clubs all over, it’s Munich that makes it as one of the best party cities in Europe. Home of Oktoberfest, Munich is a travel destination for beer lovers and party lovers alike.
  8. Prague. Prague’s nightlife is not to be missed! Here you’ll find clubs rock from dusk till dawn, the city is attracting world class DJ’s making it a hotspot for clubbing. At the bar scene you’ll find special concoctions nightly as well as a most impressive beer list of course!
  9. London. If you’re looking for a quiet drink or a rollicking good time, you’ll find both and everything in between in London! Known for its diverse party scene London is a hotspot for great clubs and pubs. Choose nightly what you’re in the mood for and you’ll find the best of the best!
  10. Mykonos. The most popular of all the Greek Islands, Mykonos is also one of the best party cities in Europe. Here the party doesn’t start at night, the booze flows all day long, that mixed with some of the friendliest and outgoing people around makes this a great spot for a good time.
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