10 Best Party Cities In The World

The 10 best party cities in the world are literally spread out all over the world. All the Cities have a day time charm and a unique history, but when night time comes, they all transform into party cities. Whether the party is in South America or Iceland, these Cities are all well known for the explosive action of the night life. 

  1. Miami: As a city known for partying all day and night , Miami stands out as the best party city in the world. The beach life by itself is one big party as everyone starts tanning and star watching. Miami is where the beautiful people such as celebrities, superstar athletes and businessmen come to let loose and party. Nighttime in Miami is where the beautiful people are seen at the hip and cool nightclubs or dancing away at the always crowded VIP tables.
  2. Ibiza: Known as Europe's party capital, Ibiza is one of the best party cities in the world. Summer begins in May and winds down in October, so you can be sure that Ibiza lines up the best summer time DJ's. Thousands of tourists come to Ibiza because of the Mediterranean atmosphere, crowded beaches and non-stop explosive club scene.
  3. Rio de Janeiro: Imagine a party that lasts all year long in a very heavily populated city, and you arrive at Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro brings the party to the streets at night. Night clubs and bars are full and everyone wants to have a good time. Escorts are on standby and party lovers flock to the streets ready for action.
  4. Berlin: As a city with no curfew and over three million inhabitants, Berlin has clubs located throughout. There are even clubs that are hidden from sight and must be found, which is half the fun. Whether you are seeking live music or dance clubs, Berlin crosses all boundaries of music and people seeking to party and have a good time.
  5. Bangkok: Once known for go-go bars and other shady things, Bangkok has cleaned up and become one of the best party cities in the world. Party promoters and international DJ's come to Bangkok and have brought an excitement back to the dance floors and clubs. Bangkok comes alive after the sun sets with new clubs, bars and restaurants.
  6. London: London is known for it's hip clubs and alternative music scene. Warm up in London with their signature drink called a Crack Baby shot – a mix of vodka, champagne and fruit juice and then take a spin on the dance floor.
  7. New York City: NYC still remains one of the world's best party cities. New York subways run twenty-four hours a day which makes it easy to get from one dance club to another. Whether looking for a charming enchanted bar or an electrifying alternative hip dance club, New York City will have it.
  8. Mexico City: Cheap airfaire, and a large variety of clubs and people ready to have a good time make Mexico City one of the best party cities in the world. College spring break is the best time to party in Mexico City with clubs and drinking a major student attraction.
  9. Tel Aviv: Israel's unofficial capital is a hedonistic, multi cultural Mediterranean metropolis. The noisy beachfront parties move into indoor club venues at night where the partying goes on til morning.
  10. ReykJavik: Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik is known as one of the best party cities in the world. A small town but home to an all night party scene. Reykjavik is famous for the all night bar crawl called "Runtur" which is a night long marathon pub crawl for those who love alcohol.
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