10 Best Paying Entry Level Jobs

Do you want to find out what is the 10 best paying entry level jobs?  Normally when people think of an entry-level job, the first thing comes to mind is starting at the bottom with probably a modest salary. Thus, it is normal for college graduates to take that first job to gain experience and start in their chosen field. This a good strategy, but it is not the only alternative. Since, there are entry-level jobs that are high paying such as engineering and  nursing.

  1. Petroleum engineering is number one on the top 10 high paying entry-level careers. Candidates in this field have the potential to earn approximately $119.140 annually.  Requirements for this field include a bachelor’s degree as well as additional training in mathematics, earth science, petroleum geology, well logging and drilling. Job entails handling crude oil extraction as well as natural gas reserves in unaccessible terrains. 
  2. Pharmacist comes in second on the list of 10 best paying entry-level job with average salary starting around $111,000. These professionals work in hospitals, pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical companies.  This position requires a doctorate from an accredited college of pharmacy, and passage of the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination. 
  3. Hardware engineering jobs provide an average entry-level salary of $97,570 or more annually, and come in third on the list of top 10 highest paying entry-level jobs.  Although some companies, employ people with associate’s degree along with job experience or certification.  Most companies require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, mathematics or information systems. Hardware engineers work all computer systems including circuit boards, computer chips, keyboards, router as well as other hardware. 
  4. Electrical engineers are fourth on the list of high paying entry-level jobs. Their earning potential is $85,830 annually. To work in this field, a bachelor’s degree in engineering is a requirement along with specialization in science, mathematics and information technology. Electrical engineers develop cars, cell phone systems, robots as well other electronic design. 
  5. Coming at number, five on the list of top paying entry-level jobs are investment bankers.  Investment bankers earning potential is roughly $85,580 yearly.  Investment bankers introduce new stock to the marketplace during initial public offering as well as sell their ideas to advisory services and help companies with new stock or bonds selling their securities to investors.  Eligibility for this position is a bachelors’ degree in business, finance, accounting or economics. 
  6. Economist comes in at number six on the list of top 10 highest paying entry-level jobs earning approximately $83,590 annually.  A masters or doctoral degree is a requirement for this position in the private sector. They research, collect, analyze data and monitor economic trends, which enables them to predict inflation rates, energy cost, exchange rates, taxes as well as other economic conditions in the U.S. and international. 
  7. Computer programmers hold the seventh position as one of the top paying entry-level jobs today earning a yearly salary of $74,347. Programmers write programs after development by software engineers and system analyst who design the software programs. Requirements for this position include an associate’s degree with additional relevant work experience or a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or computer information systems. 
  8. Management analyst holds the eight place on the list of the10 highest paying entry-level job earning annually $73,360. They assist, research, and develop plans for businesses to improve structure as well as efficiency and productivity improving the company profit. Requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree in management, accounting,  economics, statistics and other related fields. 
  9. Database administrators earn approximately $72,900 annually and are in the ninth position on the list of the highest paying entry-level job.  Requirement for this position includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science as well as other related technology field. Database administrators use database software to collect, organize and identify users needs during the implementation of a database.
  10. Nursing is on the list of the 10 best paying entry-level job because nurses now average roughly $68,000 or more annually. To receive such a high paying income, student must complete a bachelor’s degree in science and pass the state nurses licensure exam before they can earn this income.
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