10 Best PC Arcade Games

We have compiled a list of the 10 best PC arcade games to help your gaming experience. Graphics, controls, and game play have all been taken into consideration when choosing arcade games that play specifically well on PC.

  1. "Galaga". "Galaga" is a retro arcade game that is perfect for PC gaming. The only controls are left to right, and firing with a single button. 
  2. "Pac-Man". "Pac-Man" is a simple game that you only need directional controls for. Eat the dots, fruits, and ghosts when they turn blue.  
  3. "Street Fighter 4". Simple retro fighting games are perfect for a PC, which is why "Street Fighter 4," a notorious retro fighting game, is a favored arcade game on the PC.
  4. "Tekken 5". Like "Street Fighter 4," the game "Tekken" is an arcade fighting game that works great on computer. 
  5. "Punchout". The game "Punchout" is more of an over-the-shoulder 3D fighting game, but the controls also work very well on PC.
  6. "Donkey Kong". "Donkey Kong" is a simple directional based game that can be played well on the PC to save the princess, one pixel at a time. 
  7. "Centipede". "Centipede" is a simple game that is a lot like the style of "Galaga," except, with worms, not space monsters. 
  8. "Tetris". Everyone's favorite puzzle arcade game, "Tetris" plays extremely well on the PC since its controls are so simple. 
  9. "Dig Dug". Another directional based video game means yet another great game for PC.
  10. "Frogger". "Frogger" is a directional game in which you are a frog trying to cross the road safely. Not a good idea, but if it was, would there be a video game based on it?
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