10 Best PC Games 2004

If you like gaming you ought to know the 10 best PC games 2004. 2004 was a year in gaming which was dominated by news of Nintendo’s launch of DS and Wii, therefore the PC, as a gaming console, remained quiet. Most of the big games released were sequels that were widely anticipated worldwide. Let’s have a look at the top ten best PC games 2004.

  1. "Half-life 2" The ever so famous Half-Life series, topping our chart of best PC games 2004, came out with the second instalment of the first person shooter, with graphics and storyline as realistic as ever. The game required powerful computers to support its graphics, but the game still did enough business to take first spot on our list.
  2. "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" Rockstar’s violent and profane GTA series took another major step in becoming one of the most popular rated games and also one of the best PC games 2004 because of their newly found open-ended attribute. How much crime you commit is entirely up to you.
  3. "The Sims 2" Raising a family has never been so easy. With "Sims 2," an obvious inclusion for anyone’s best PC games 2004, you’ll find yourself immersed in a virtual world, and forget your own real existence.
  4. "Halo 2" The XBOX Live and "Halo 2" combined to give everyone a reason to own an XBOX. Set in an alien landscape with new weapons, vehicles and last, but not least, new heroes, "Halo 2" will be remembered as one of best PC games 2004.
  5. "Battlefield Vietnam" Military enthusiasts who love online gaming had their dream coming true with the release of "Battlefield Vietnam," listed in the best PC games  2004. Participants compete online to prove their supremacy at simulation of army strategic operations.
  6. "Rome: Total War" A game with amazing battlefield detail and intelligent AI, "Rome: Total War" was deemed, not only as the top PC games 2004, but also as one of the best strategy games ever. Build your empire and become the next Caesar.
  7. "Katamari Damacy" Perhaps the most unusual and original game to appear on the Playstation 2, "Katamari Damacy," one of the best PC games 2004, puts you in the shoes of a pint sized cosmic prince, who’s story never seems to end.
  8. "Burnout 3" Breathtaking visual effects and dynamic racetracks are what put this racing game in the best PC games 2004. The game added a new dimension to crashes and burnouts.
  9. "Fable" Not adding Fable to your list of best PC games 2004 would be a huge mistake, as the game became one of the most addictive fantasy role playing games after its release comparison to "Legend of Zelda."
  10. "Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots" The collection of  best PC games 2004 cannot be complete without the "Rise of Nations." Big Huge Games found its name in the major developers after the worldwide success of their real-time strategy hit, which caught the fancy of most "wannabe" army generals.
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