10 Best PC Games Of 2006

PC games in 2006 were always overshadowed by consoles making the headlines, but here’s a list of 10 best PC games of 2006 that stood out. It is safe to say that first person shooters were the bigger news makers, but RPG’s did not stay far behind.

  1. "Company of Heroes" Relic Entertainment’s epic world war battlefield depiction in the RTS set up was arguably amongst the best PC games of 2006 for all game critics. A true revolution in its own right, the game raised the bar for real-time strategy genre to a whole new level.
  2. "Splinter Cell: Double Agent" It is hard to make a best PC games of 2006 list without including Splinter Cell: Double Agent in the list. The sequel did valuable business for Ubisoft and accounted for a major chunk of their profitability.
  3. "Medieval, Total War" Any real time battle fan would make a case of this game being in the best PC games of 2006 courtesy its endless geographic detail and attention to the depth of strategy required.
  4. "Dark Messiah of Might and Magic" "Might and Magic" series were absent from the video gaming world for quite a bit, but their launch of Dark Messiah was exuberant enough to earn it a place in the best PC games of 2006.
  5. "The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" The amount of addiction that comes with this release by Bethesda made sure Elder Scrolls finds its way into the 10 best PC games of 2006. Hours and hours of living life in a dungeon may have adverse effects on your health though.
  6. "Defcon" Multiplayer global warfare conducted in a two dimensional environment, using the 1980’s theme was Defcon’s differentiating factor and the reason it made the list of the 10 best PC games of 2006. One of a kind, the game tried to cover every little aspect of command central, and almost succeeded.
  7. "Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends" The collection of 10 best PC games of 2006 cannot be complete without the "Rise of Nations." Big Huge Games found its name in the major developers after the worldwide success of their real-time strategy hit, which caught the fancy of most war enthusiasts.
  8. "Half-life: Episode 1" The Half-Life series came out with the much anticipated installment of the first person shooter, with graphics and story line as realistic as ever. The game required powerful computers to support its graphics, but the game still did enough business to make the list of best PC games of 2006.
  9. "Battlefield 2142" This futuristic and sci-fi savvy release from EA studios also makes our list of the best PC games of 2006. Playing Titan in a world destined for doom and gloom had a charm of its own, at least when you’re not giving the reality of it much thought.
  10. "Ghost Recon: Advanced War fighter" Military enthusiasts who love tactical shooters had their dream come true with the release of "Ghost Recon," listed in our best PC games of 2006.
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