10 Best PC Games For Kids

The 10 best PC games for kids are fun and easy for most kids to play. Most households these days have at least one computer. The most common reasons that kids will use the computer are to play PC games and surf the web. But how do you know what games the best are for kids? Follow this easy to read guide to help you choose the best PC games for your kids.

  1. Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy. Rated E for Everyone. Follow the tale of Nancy Drew as she goes undercover at the Waverly Academy Prep School. She is trying to find out what is surrounding the suspicious activities going on at the school. Players will help her find the clues and solve the mystery.
  2. Babysitting Mania. Rated E for Everyone. Players will play the role of Stacy. Stacy takes on jobs babysitting so she can save enough money to buy a telescope. But she finds her job as a babysitter hectic. Help Stacy as she keeps track of active kids, mops up messy spills, doing laundry and much more.
  3. Cake Mania 3. Rated E for Everyone. This is one of the best PC games for kids. Jill is a talented pastry chef. She is preparing for her upcoming wedding when she is suddenly zapped into time and space. In order to get back home, she must bake wonderful cakes in places such as ancient China and revolutionary France. This game is challenging because the higher the level you get to, the faster pace the game gets.
  4. Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures. Rated E10+ for everyone over 10 years of age. This game follows Wallace and his dog, Gromit. Throughout the game, the pair takes on swarms of bees and stray dogs. They solve mysteries to save the neighborhood. The player gets to solve puzzling plots to see what happens next.
  5. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Rated E10+ for everyone over 10 years of age. As one of the best PC games for kids, players can use cute Lego characters of their favorite Star Wars heroes and villains. They can reenact all six Star Wars movies with the intergalactic characters. Players can also build spaceships and other items.
  6. Tales of Monkey Island. Rated E10+ for everyone over 10 years of age. Guybrush Threepwood wants to be a pirate. It is an easy PC game for kids to play. Players just point and click the cursor on characters and objects to interact with them. The player follows the dialogue on the screen to solve the clues.
  7. Littlest Pet Shop. Rated E for Everyone. Littlest Pet Shop is definitely one of the best PC games for kids. Littlest Pet Shop is a mega popular line of toys. In the game, players own and run their own virtual pet shop. Players can choose from 32 different, popular pets to care for. The goal of the game is to complete puzzles and games to earn new pets and accessories.
  8. My Sims. Rated E for Everyone. My Sims is a fun and easy PC game for all kids to play. It is a multiplayer online game. Players can interact with other players that they know. Characters build their house, gain employment and do other activities. Up to eight players can play on one scene.
  9. Gong! Goal or No Goal. Rated E for Everyone. Gong! is one of the best PC games for kids because it deals with the sport of soccer, something most kids can relate to. It is a multi player online game. Players earn star points which they can use to get skill sets and participate in special events.
  10. The Princess Bride. Rated E for Everyone. As one of the best PC games for kids, The Princess Bride game is based on the popular movie with the same title. The goal of the game is to help Princess Buttercup and Westley as they manage life on a farm, battle villains and defeat the evil Prince so they can live happily ever after.
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