10 Best PC Games With Romance

If you want your gaming to pull at your heartstrings, then you need to know the 10 best PC games with romance. These top shelf games have everything that we like in a game, as well as a little bit of back and forth between the male and female protagonists. Count down these PC games with romance and get ready to fall in love all over again.

  1. "Mass Effect 2". This space opera from gaming gods Bioware is chock full of romance, as well as a healthy heaping of action and adventure. As any gender of Commander Shepard, you have the option of pursuing a relationship with any character of the opposite gender, human or otherwise. This amount of choice makes this game one of the best PC games with romance ever.
  2. "Grim Fandango". This adventure game from the genius mind of Tim Schafer tells the story of Manny, a travel agent whose job it is to escort newly deceased souls through the Underworld. Everything goes to pot when he meets and eventually starts caring for Meche, another wandering soul. This is one of the best PC gaming love stories for its quirky dialog and offbeat sense of self.
  3. "Knights of the Old Republic". Another entry by industry leader Bioware, this game based in the "Star Wars" romance is considered to be one of the finest role-playing games of the last generation. Characters can get romantically involved with a number of their team mates, then manipulate their feelings depending on what side of The Force they choose to align with. Ain't love grand?
  4. "The Witcher". This game is based on a series of Polish novels, revolving around a troupe of monster hunters known as Witchers. While this may not seem like a PC game with romance from the start, your character can engage in some dirty Medieval sex with a variety of the women located throughout the world. You spend your days hunting demons, and spend your nights hunting the ladies—what a perfect life.
  5. "Final Fantasy VII". Though this is a port of a Playstation game, it still has one of the best romance stories in PC gaming history. Cloud is a mercenary for hire who falls for the sweet and innocent Aeris, only to have her skewered like a kebab by his nemesis Sephiroth. If you didn't shed a tear during that scene, there's something wrong with you.
  6. "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne". While it might not seem so, this outrageous shooter is one of the best PC games with romance thus far. After Payne's wife dies in the first game, he falls in love with the gorgeous Mona Sax, only to have her die at another man's hands. The perfect juxtaposition of steamy love and explosive gunplay makes this oldie a keeper.
  7. "The Monkey Island Series". This early adventure series, developed by LucasArts, has one of the most heartwarming romance stories of all time. Guybrush Threepwood is a hapless lad who wants nothing more than to be a pirate, while Elaine Marley is the governess of a pirate island who wants nothing to do than Guybrush. Fate unites them in one of the funniest and most charming PC games with romance.
  8. "Final Fantasy VIII". Unlike the underscored romance of its predecessor, this game's love story is the main emphasis of the plot. The gamer spends four discs watching Squall and Rinoa get torn apart and reunited, with each gloriously-produced CG sequence making the message even stronger.
  9. "Leisure Suit Larry". An entire adventure series about a schlubby guy trying to make it with hot chicks? Sounds like some of the best PC games with romance to us. While it might not contain softly-lit candles or professions of adoration, you have to hand to Larry for always trying to find the right woman.
  10. "Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis". This classic adventure game about everyone's favorite archaeologist has him chasing the Nazis, and former flame Sophia, around the globe. It's when Indy cares less about what belongs in a museum and more about the damsel's wellbeing does the romance really hit home. Definitely one of the best PC games with romance to come out in the past twenty years.
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