10 Best PC Mystery Games

Virtual mysteries to solve can be quite thrilling and here are the 10 best PC mystery games of crime and drama. These PC games are character driven stories that will place you into a virtual world of crime and clues. Use your intuitions and wit to solve these mystery games.

  1. Inspector Wombat. Inspector Wombat is a classic style game and just one of many best PC mystery games to play. This is a comic style mystery game where you have to save some pictures in a museum and catch the thief.
  2. Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf is considered a best PC mystery game because of its virtual succession of logic puzzles to solve. You will need to collect clues and solve the puzzles to survive this game.
  3. CSI Mind Prison. CSI mind prison is one of the most popular and best PC mystery games to play on the PC. This game delivers great graphics and voice overs for the game characters. You will need to use your detective skills and special equipment to solve the CSI cases.
  4. Detective Grimoire. Detective Grimoire is crime mystery game that will have you searching for clues and collecting evidence. Question witnesses and use your detective skills in this best PC mystery game to solve the crimes.
  5. Agatha Christie: 4:50 from Paddington. This Agatha Christie mystery game will have you searching for hidden objects to solve the mystery plots in the story. Can you find the clues and solve the murder case in this mystery game?
  6. Kate Arrow: Deserted Wood. Kate Arrow is a character driven story about a woman on a rescue mission to save her grandfather and collects native tribe idols. This point and click adventure is what made this a best PC mystery game for the virtual adventurer.
  7. Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary. The magic diary is a mystery game that gives places you in the position that you are the last person in the world. You begin the game by winning a trip, but once you reach your destination the real mystery begins.
  8. Vampireville. Vampireville is a horror mystery game that gives you the option to spend time in a castle filled with ghost and vampires. This character driven story places you as an appraiser for real estate inside an old castle for a quick job. You soon find out that you cannot leave this castle and must use your wits to escape.
  9. Azada: Ancient Magic. Azada is a hidden object mystery game with difficult puzzles that you must complete. This PC mystery adds classic literature to the game that you must read in order to complete the puzzles in certain stages of the game.
  10. Mystery Trackers. Mystery Trackers is a PC mystery game that gives you the opportunity to solve a high profile case. After a best-selling author, illusionist, and actress goes missing in an old castle, you are put on the job to find them. This game will have you busy for hours.
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