10 Best PC Simulator Games

This list features the 10 best PC simulator games chosen from hundreds of games currently on the market. Whether a new release or an old favorite, these PC games lead the pack in sales, popularity and game reviews.

  1. "The Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack" "Sims 3: Late Night Expansion Pack" tops the list of best simulator games for PC. In this new game from Electronic Arts, due in October 2010, players experience a lively downtown scene filled with various nightlife activities. Start a band, moonlight as a bartender or be a vampire—for around $40.
  2. "The Sims 3" "The Sims 3," from Electronic Arts, is a great way to get creative while enjoying some mischief and a few surprises. The 2009 release features an ever-changing neighborhood, unique and different personalities, and challenging new game play. This popular PC simulation game retails for about $30.
  3. "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010" "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010," by Konami, is called the greatest soccer game for PC. This edition returns to its simulation roots for less of an arcade feel than earlier versions. Players can purchase the game online for about $30.
  4. "Spore" Another fun simulator game is "Spore," from Electronic Arts. In this interactive PC game, players control various life forms in five evolutionary phases: cell, creature, tribe, civilization and space. "Spore" retails online for around $30.
  5. "Patrician IV" "Patrician IV" is a new PC simulator game, due to release in September 2010. The popular game of trading, piracy, politics and economy offers complete strategic simulation. Become a merchant, build an empire or battle on the high seas in this visually appealing game, complete with realistic medieval cities. Expect to spend about $40 for this one.
  6. "Need For Speed: Shift" Electronic Arts gave virtual drivers a new challenge in 2009 with "Need For Speed: Shift." A new edition to the popular racing franchise, this PC game features highly tunable cars, authentic racetracks and a new driver profile system. This game retails online for about $30.
  7. "The Sims: Medieval" A brand new simulation game in the popular "The Sims" series is "The Sims: Medieval." Electronic Arts will release the game in 2011 and reviewers have already ranked it among the best. Players can build a medieval kingdom in a world of adventure, drama and romance. This new game will cost about $50.
  8. "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" "Microsoft Flight Simulator X," released in 2006, is a popular choice in the long-running "Flight Simulator" series. Players can choose from over 80 missions with assignments around the world. A top-level gaming computer is required for this release. A new game is available online for around $40.
  9. "The Sims" The original "The Sims" video game, introduced by Electronic Arts in 2000, is still among the ten best PC simulator games. Players who enjoyed building a city in "SimCity" will enjoy building a life in "The Sims." Players can find a new copy of this game online. Prices range anywhere from $30 to more than $90.
  10. "7 Sins" Rounding out the list of best PC simulator games is "7 Sins." In this 2005 life game from Monte Cristo, players climb the social ladder while making decisions related to the "seven deadly sins." A new copy of this adult-themed game retails online for about $50.
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