10 Best PC Sports Games

It's pretty easy to find the ten best PC sports games on the market. Video game companies are constantly pressured to improve on the quality of the graphics and game play for their respective games every year. So, finding the best PC games is as simple as locating the most recent PC sports games on the market. Certain PC sports game franchises are better than others, but choosing a a PC sports game is based on personal preference. For example, there is, on average, three to four different PC sports game basketball titles released yearly. Some guys follow one franchise while others choose the rival. Check these titles out. 

  1. "FIFA Soccer 11." For all you soccer fans out there, this game boasts the best graphics and realism of all the soccer games on the market. It's an "Electronic Arts" (EA) title, so you know the controls are top notch. The rosters are up to date and there will be an awesome online game play option. The best part about this game is the ability to choose how long the games are. You don't have to spend all day being bored playing PC sports game soccer, you can speed it up. 
  2. "NBA 2K10." The 2K series is the direct competitor of the EA sports "NBA Live" series. This game is cool because it offers so many different types of game play options. You have practice modes, All Star teams and behind the scenes game play. You can actually control how your team's administration governs the team, just like "NBA Live." The reason this game makes the list is because of the simplified, yet effective, controls. It's very easy to pick up and just play.   
  3. "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11." If you like golf, this is your only option. EA has pretty much cornered the market in the sports game genre. Just like other EA titles, this game offers a truckload of options. Oh, and the controls are as simple as they can be for a golf title.
  4. "MLB 2K10. " This is the only baseball game worth playing. Other versions are just too damn complicated. If you want to be able to pick up a controller and just play the game, then the 2K baseball game is for you. It's easy to play, yet in depth enough to keep you coming back. It's definitely the best on the market.
  5. "Madden NFL 11."  Madden is the most complicated, frustrating, AI cheating game on the market. But, those of you that play Madden know one thing. It's the coolest football franchise ever. 2K tried to compete, but dude, it's Madden. If you like football, get Madden.
  6. "NBA Live 10." It offers all the same game play that 2K10 offers. Again, choosing this EA title over its competitor is simply a matter of preference. It's got online game play and all of that. Really, you'd have to play both titles to make your decision.
  7. "Pure." ATV off roading. Enough said. If you're into this sort of thing, then "Pure" is the game. It's got multiple tracks, user creatable tracks and a boatload of ATVs to choose from. Oh and as far as off roading games go, the graphics are cool.
  8. "Matt Hoffman Pro BMX." This game is for all the BMX enthusiasts out there. It's got enough options and easy controls to catch the interest of those of you who aren't necessarily into bike games. Again, it's very easy to just pick up and play. But, it's complicated enough to keep bringing you back. Learning how to pull off certain aerial moves can be an addiction in itself.
  9. "Beijing 2008." It's the Olympic games. All of them. Who doesn't like Olympic  PC sports games? Hell, they only come out every four years. 
  10. "NHL 06." If you like hockey, you'll love this game. It's an EA title so you can expect it to have the options and game play variants of any other EA title. Check it out.
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