10 Best PC Strategy Games

PC strategy games are a must try for any games enthusiast but the 10 best PC strategy games are games which challenge you, ask you to push your abilities, make you grow. These PC strategy games would be a shame for any game lover to miss.

  1. "Company Of Heroes." This real-time strategy (RTS) game from Relic is based on World War II and probably inspired from “Saving Private Ryan.” The          Battle of Normandy and Assault on Omaha Beach are played out here. It is great in historic detail and has wonderful and authentic visuals. It also has enough strategic and tactical combat to appease any action lover.
  2. "Civilization IV."  Considered one of the best turn-based strategy games ever, "Civilization IV' from Firaxis Games allows you to do what it takes to make a civilization great. It makes you bring your civilization forth from Stone Age to space age. There are also religions involved and you are allowed to choose from one of the two leaders of your preferred civilization. Great story and good visuals.
  3. "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos." The RTS game from Blizzard is fantasy oriented and involves building an empire with four different races in it including humans and orcs. Great graphics and game play. It is seventh in the list of 100 best selling PC games of all time.
  4. "Starcraft." Considered a classic of strategy PC gaming and still played even after all these years, "Starcraft", again from Blizzard, has everything from intergalactic warfare to control of species. There are three different species or races, Terran, Protoss and Zerg. You have to lead your chosen species into victory.
  5. "Homeworld." Which strategy game could be better than one which involves a war with aliens? Throw in search for home world, space exploration and vengeance for a destroyed planet and you would have your dream challenges. It has excellent story, great graphics and good audio. This is an RTS game from Relic.
  6. "Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings."  What could be more captivating than a chance to lead a civilization to greatness? You can pick any of the thirteen civilizations and try and lead them to greatness in a thousand period time span. You must be fast in action and thought to win this game. The game has good graphics and sharp images. The game is from Microsoft Ensemble.
  7. "Alpha Centaury." The RTS game from Firaxis Games takes off where "Civilization II" left. With the space ship crew that lands on "Alpha Centaury" split into seven factions, you have to lead your chosen faction to control and establishment of your philosophy on the planet or star. Good story. Sophisticated game play. As wonderful and addictive as "Civilization IV."
  8. "Rome: Total War." In this game from Activision, you get to manipulate the Roman Empire and employ strategies to become Rome’s Imperator. That is, if you win the game. Rome, though RTS, has turn-based game features as well. The game has some historical inaccuracies though.
  9. "Freedom Force." It is nice to have a change once in a while. That is what Freedom Force offers you with its array of super heroes, very different from world dominating civilizations and space sagas.
  10. "Sacrifice." Magic is enchanting, even to a PC strategy game player. "Sacrifice" from Interplay allows you to weave spells and grow in magical power. While the game scores low in micro-management, it has wonderful graphics and good audio. Refreshing in the array of alien warfare and historical civilization.

PC strategy games are addictive. The above ten, some of them hailed the best strategy games of all time by games magazines, even more so. Play at your own risk.


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