10 Best Pearl Jam Songs

Relive the glory days of grunge with the 10 best Pearl Jam songs. In the 1990s, Pearl Jam were the crowned princes of the Seattle grunge scene. They shot to mainstream notoriety with the song "Jeremy," whose video depiction of a school shootinglong before everyone was freaked out by such thingsmade them notorious among conservative groups. Most of the bands that Pearl Jam came up with in the grunge scene have long since disappeared, leaving Pearl Jam one of the few bands that has managed to survive the death of 90s grunge; not only has Pearl Jam managed to survive, they have been able to stay relevant to music without cashing in on the nostalgia of their early fame.

  1. "Jeremy" (1992) The third single from Pearl Jam's debut album "Ten," this is the song that put Pearl Jam on the map of mainstream music.
  2. "Better Man" (1994) Pearl Jam is known for writing lyrics that tell stories about social issues. The band's quest for understanding the meaning behind human interactions was first explored when Eddie Vedder wrote "Better Man"the story of a woman trying to cope with an abusive relationshipwhen he was in high school.
  3. "Daughter" (1993) Even though "Ten" had produced a slew of hit singles for Pearl Jam, they had yet to have a top 40 hit. "Daughter" became Pearl Jam's first single to make it to the top 40.
  4. "Do the Evolution" (1998) According to Pearl Jam, this song is about a population that is so obsessed with the power of technology that it lives under the illusion that it can control everything, all the while destroying the things that it thinks it controls. One of many Pearl Jam songs the deals with man's destructive misuse of the planet, the video was animated by Todd Macfarlanethe guy who created Spawnmaking it the most memorable Pearl Jam video since "Jeremy."
  5. "Just Breathe" (2009) When we first heard this song we thought Pearl Jam had gone soft on us. The thought of another one of our favorite bands turning to the dark side of wuss rock brought us to the verge of tears. But after listening to the song a few more times, the softer side of Pearl Jam turned out to be more reflective than wussy. After surviving the music industry as long as they have, we decided that Pearl Jam has earned a moment of reflection.
  6. "Alive" (1991) This song was originally called "Dollar Short." The music was written by guitarist Stone Gossard. He circulated the tape as a demo in the hopes of finding a singer for his band. Somehow Eddie Vedder got the demo and wrote a song about a boy who finds out that the man he has know as his father is not his biological dad. With that the legend of Pearl Jam was born.
  7. "Immortality" (1995) Because it was released so soon after the death of Kurt Cobain, most people think that Pearl Jam wrote this song as a tribute to a fallen friend. Eddie Vedder has denied that the song has anything to do with the death of Kirk, but has never given any details as to who or what the song is really about. No matter what the song is officially supposed to be about, it's nice to think that this song gave Kirk a decent send-off.
  8. "Hail, Hail" (1996) Another Pearl Jam song about people in messed-up relationships trying to cope. We wonder what a therapist would say about Pearl Jam's mental state if he were to get a hold of their lyrics. But as long as they continue to rock, who cares how screwed up they may be.
  9. "Life Wasted" (2006) Written by Eddie Vedder after attending the funeral of Johnny Ramone. Sometimes it seems that Pearl Jam is at their best when they are in pain.
  10. "I Am Mine" (2002) One of the first Pearl Jam songs written after the Roskilde accident in 2000. Its tight melodies, strong lyrics and catchy hooks make this song classic Pearl Jam. Sadly, the song's awesomeness was briefly overshadowed by the global freak-out caused by Eddie Vedder cutting his hair.
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