10 Best Perez Hilton Quotes

Curious about the 10 best Perez Hilton quotes? Why would we care about Perez Hilton quotes, you might ask? What makes him so special? Perez Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, is a gay gossip blogger and television personality. One of his favorite pastimes is outing celebrities who are gay. The following are some of the best, or maybe stupidest, quotes to ever come out of Perez Hilton's mouth.

  1. "I think what I do is noble. I think my job title is entertainer. I shine the light on celebrities behaving badly, and I also shine the light on those that get it right."So, Perez, those inane utterances on your website are supposed to entertain us?
  2. "In my own subservient way, I am trying to make the world a better place. I will push the envelope. I'm not afraid to offend or be dangerous, whateverbecause I can. It's my website. I can do whatever I want." Humble Perez Hilton, improving our world through the inane declarations on his website. Sadly, he's only one man—he can only do so much.
  3. "I get stories because people know that I will never lie or make things up or pay for information. I apply a journalistic standard to my work."When you think "journalistic integrity," the first person who comes to mind is Perez Hilton, right?
  4. "Some celebrities are afraid of me because some are afraid of the truth, and then some love me because they have a sense of humor and they don't take themselves too seriously. It's 50-50."Most likely the ones who "love" you are those who are happy to get attention no matter what the circumstance. Then again, that applies to most celebrities, doesn't it?
  5. "I'm not a celebrity. I don't take myself too seriously. I know where I stand in the food chain. And no matter how much of an insider I ever become or am, I'll still always be an outsider." But Perez, it seems to you, everyone who's involved in the media in any way is a celebrity, so wouldn't that make you one, too?
  6. "There's only one me. I'm obsessed with pop culture and celebrity. I used to be an actor, I used to be a journalist and I used to be a publicist. I know how all these people think." Tell us something we don't know, Perez.
  7. My position is that if you are a politician or a celebrity, you're making a choice to live your life in the public arena. And when you're a public figure, you need to be prepared for the public's talking about you.” What you do is right because celebrities deserve to be gossiped about?
  8. "Whether you like me or not, I'm not going away anytime soon, And I don't care if you like me, I just care if you read my website."This is just more proof that anyone in the world can get his or her own website, regardless of talent or significance.
  9. "I know that I personally would have loved to have me around when I was a gay teenager. Because when I was a gay teenager there weren't that many openly gay celebrities. And I would have loved to have been like, 'Wow look at that dude. He's gay. He's REALLY gay. And he's successful and he's not apologizing for that and he seems really happy.' So I hope that though they may not agree with everything I say that I inspire gay youth to be themselves and to say what they think and to be proud of who they are." The noblePerez Hilton speaking as a role model for gay youngsters everywhere.
  10. "I would say that Gaga is a bigger pop star than Beyonce right now, just based on the sheer statistics. Like, all of Gaga's singles have gone top of the charts. Gaga's tour, selling out. Beyonce's last tour did not have a lot of sellouts. And I'm not dissing her or anything. I'm just looking at it statistically." Really, Perez? Or is this just more of you kissing a certain part of Lady Gaga's anatomy? Your nose is getting brown.



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