10 Best PG Rated Movies

The 10 best PG rated movies are a good choice for both parents and children to watch. The kids will enjoy the themes and basic stories, while the parents will enjoy those things as well, plus some inside jokes that don’t necessarily make sense to the little ones. These PG rated movies offer a lot of entertainment value without showing anything overtly inappropriate.

  1. “The Princess Bride” is a fun and hilarious fantasy movie, with iconic performances and a great script. It manages to pack in a lot of excitement and action without pressing many buttons that might make parents uncomfortable.
  2. “The Incredibles” is a great superhero movie filmed using 3D animation. There is a bit of violence and some pretty exciting moments, but the animation softens things to the point where most parents will be fairly comfortable.
  3. “Groundhog Day” is one of the funniest PG rated movies ever. It is a comedy starring Bill Murray about a man who gets stuck reliving the same day again and again. Parents will appreciate the more sophisticated humor, while children can appreciate the slapstick elements.
  4. “Rudy” is a movie about high school football starring Sean Astin. The film is heartwarming and it has a good message.  
  5. The original “The Karate Kid” from the 1980s is almost like a kid’s version of "Rocky." The movie is well acted and paced with a great story. It also has a lot of helpful content about never giving up and dealing with bullying.
  6. “Shrek” is a fantastic animated fantasy movie about a huge green ogre on a quest. Children are drawn into the lusciously imagined world of the film, while both parents and children appreciate the humor.
  7. “Grease” is a wonderful musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The tunes here are so catchy that both parents and kids will be humming them for days, and there is a lot of fun for everybody.
  8. “Sky High” is an underrated film about a high school for superheroes. This movie has a great story and an interesting world. Compared to most PG rated movies, it has more action and offers a more exciting experience.
  9. The first “Spy Kids” is one of the really great PG rated movies. The sequels were kind of a letdown, but the first movie is great for both parents and their children.
  10. “Back to the Future” is one of the best PG rated movies from the 80s. It has fun sci-fi elements and a lot of comedy. Nothing about the movie is noticeably lacking because of the rating, and it can entertain people of all ages.
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