10 Best PG13 Movies With Sex Scenes

The MPAA can get any filmmakers on sex oriented content in movies, luckily here are 10 best PG13 movies with sex scenes. They can't get away with much when it comes to sex, but some films have found ways to work around it. There weren't too many to find, but these are the top 10 best PG13 movies with sex scenes:

  1. "The Notebook" – Probably one of the most sensual sex scene in all of PG13 cinema history. This love scene was a long time coming as Noah and Allie have been waiting for answers, love, and to release the sexual tension. There is even some slight flesh revealed if you look close enough. Sensual, romantic, nudity, and passion built this PG13 sex scene up to be the greatest yet.
  2. "Titanic" – One of the most memorable sex scenes in a PG13 movie you could probably think of. Although not that revealing, it was hot and steamy. Girls had Leo fever after this film and never looked back. Did they wish they could be in the back of that old car with the windows rolled up and that could be their hand, yes.
  3. "Dirty Dancing" – Patrick Swayze, dancing, and hot summer loving, what more can you ask for? This hot and steamy scene is a classic among teen 80s flicks. Full of passion, love, and sensuality, "Dirty Dancing's" name does not fail to live up to it's title. 
  4. "Bruce Almighty" – How about something PLEASURABLE?! That's what Jennifer Aniston got when she felt the touch of "God" with Jim Carrey's newfound deity powers. Jennifer Aniston's solo orgasm performance is a performance to try and top. If only we all had powers like Bruce to create orgasms on command.
  5. "Austin Powers Trilogy" – Shall we shag now or shag later? What is an "Austin Powers" movie without a little shagging here and there? Mike Myers definitely has his fair share of sexual relations with sidekicks and enemies. Who could forget the hot tub scene with the lovely Alotta Fagina?
  6. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" – After a cutthroat battle against your assumed wife with guns, knives, and furniture, how about a side of sex? What else is better than a romp after a night of attempted murder? The answer, nothing. Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Smith both had some hidden desires behind their holsters. 
  7. "Forrest Gump" – He may not be a smart man, but Forrest does know what love is as he shows it to Jennnayyy when she comes back into his life again. This was a long time coming for Mr. Gump as he opened up a new box of chocolate that he has never tried before. Unfortunately for Forrest he might have to check himself into a sex clinic and make sure he didn't catch anything.
  8. "Vicky Christina Barcelona" – Sex with mysterious Spaniards, sex with a Spaniard and his ex, sex all over the place! With hotties like Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall all involved in some crazy love square with Javier Bardem, things get hot, seductive, and everything in between. 
  9. "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" – Another fight solved in a conclusion of sexual activity. How else would you solve an argument? These little love  birds get sweet and sour when two worlds collide. The king of thieves gets hot and heavy with a governor's daughter when all she wanted was her comb back, or so she claims. We all know she wanted a little more than just a comb.
  10.  "Click" – The "minuteman" is the term to be used here as Adam Sandler just can't get a break. Maybe if he hit the slow button instead of fast forward he would have made Kate Beckinsale a little more happier. I'm sure we all would like to make Kate Beckinsale a little more happier too. This little gem is just a funny moment in sexcapades in PG13 romping movies. 

It's a little harder to find some good sex scenes in PG13 movies, but with all these films you'll get a nice taste. Just a little imagination and fill in the blanks yourself or maybe rent a movie rated R if you are really desperate. 

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