10 Best Piano Songs Of All Time

If you like classical music, then you’re going to love these 10 best piano songs of all time. From Mozart, Beethoven and Bach, these memorable sonatas and minuets are not only timeless but easily recognizable. If you decide to take piano lessons, you will probably learn how to play one of these original pieces composed for the 88 keys of the absolutely playful and delightful instrument, the piano.

  1. "Moonlight Sonata." This haunting three-part sonata is mostly recognized for its first movement. Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven as "Piano Sonata no. 14 in C sharp minor," this moving piece takes the top spot on the 10 best songs for the piano ever!
  2. "Lullaby." If you have a baby, then at one time or another you’ll hum this popular lullaby to put the baby to sleep. This was written by Johannes Brahms as a series of 21 songs called the “Hungarian Dance.”
  3. "Fur Elise." Composed by Beethoven, this is the most requested piano song a student wants to learn to play. Its original title is "Bagatelle no. 25 in A minor." Next to “Moonlight,” this is one of classical music favorite ten best piano songs of all time.
  4. "Appassionata." Scored by Beethoven about the time in which he lost his hearing, this sonata is formally known as "Piano Sonata no. 23 in F minor." This three movement sonata was one of Ludwig’s most fiery pieces which capture our attention as a 10 best piano song of all time.
  5. "Nocturne, Op 9." Composed by Frédéric Chopin as part of three nocturnes, these are musical pieces inspired by the night. Sweet and melodic, the movement just sweeps you away.
  6. "Turkish March." This wouldn’t be the 10 best piano songs of all time without including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This sonata was written as "Piano Sonata no. 11 in A minor." It has three movements and the last one is the most famous and playful, just like Mozart.
  7. "Waldstein." Another Beethoven masterpiece, this three-piece movement sonata is considered one of his greatest and most challenges pieces of work. This piece was originally named "Piano Sonata no. 21 in C Major."
  8. "Well-Tempered Clavier." This is a sweeping romantic piece put together in two books by Johann Sebastian Bach. Both books are referred to as having the most influence in musical history and makes its mark as a 10 best song for piano ever written.
  9. "Piano Sonata no. 21 in B Minor." Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer and pianist, composed this piece and it is considered one of his greatest compositions for piano. Romantic and moving, it will sweep you away in its melody.
  10. "Wanderer." A piece by the famous Franz Schubert, its original title is “Fantasy” in C Major. It’s Schubert’s most difficult technical composition for the piano which rounds out our 10 best piano songs of all time.
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