10 Best Places To Backpack

Here are ten of the best places to backpack. Backpacking has recently surged in popularity, especially for students who are tight on money. You can go alone or with a group and there are plenty of options of where to go.

  1. Wales. A tiny little country with only two major cities and tons of tiny towns. Like the rest of Britain, it has a great public transportation system, so it’s easy to get form place to place without renting a car. The only down side to backpacking through Wales is that it rains, a lot. It’s still worth it however, everything is green, there are ruins everywhere, and the food is great. Snowdon, the highest mountain in Britain, takes around three to four hours to climb up and is a must try. You can see Ireland and Scotland on a clear day.
  2. Japan. Japan may not seem like a good place to backpack but it is. It’s more populated than most countries you’d think of to backpack through, but it has a great public transportation system, plenty to see, and the exchange rate isn’t as bad here as it is in some other places. Prices tend to be on the decent side as well, and there’s plenty of food and tea to try.
  3. India. Full of people, shops, ruins, and beautiful scenery, India is a great place to backpack. The exchange rate is decent so you won’t have to spend too much and with so many people you can always find someone to point you in the right direction.
  4. Austria. What most people don’t know about Austria is that it’s home to dozens of stunning gorges, hundreds of feet high or deep depending on where you go. Most of these gorges have walkways built in so you can climb through. These gorges are privately owned, but most are open to the public. It’s a great place to check out on foot.
  5. Peru. All you need is a pair of good boots, maybe a little Spanish, and off you go. Peru is full of jungles, beaches, and ruins and backpacking is unbelievably cheap. You can even hike to the ruins of Machu Picchu while you're there. If that’s not to your interest, there are dozens of other hikes through the jungle, along the beaches, or centered around Lima and several other towns.
  6. Thailand. One of the most popular places to backpack in the world, and the currency exchange is strongly in favor of the dollar. You can explore Bangkok or venture out into the country. Regardless there’s plenty to see no matter where you go. Just beware of scams and price gouging.
  7. Ireland. One of the best places to backpack, the locals are friendly, there are plenty of places to stay, and all of the scenery is beautiful. You can hike through the green hills, or check out Dublin, both during the day and its respected nightlife. Like most European countries, public transportation is good and affordable.
  8. Czech Republic. Prague alone is worth spending months exploring. Home to one of the largest castle on Earth, and full of coffee shops. Public transportation is decent, but make sure you always buy a ticket even if they don’t check you each time you get on the bus. The fine is not worth the trouble.
  9. Germany. One of the best places to backpack, this country is also considered one of the most modern countries in the world. It’s more expensive then most, so plan ahead a bit and keep a tight hand on your money. It makes up for it by being one of the best paces to backpack if all you speak is English. And you love beer.
  10. England. Of course it has to be on the list. Like the rest of Europe there are plenty of hotels, good public transportation, and, the best part, a low crime rate. You can explore London, or wander through the countryside and all the small towns with interesting, albeit somewhat weird names. There are plenty of things to do, and the variety makes up for the prices.
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