10 Best Places To Buy Furniture

Where are the 10 best places to buy furniture? Quality, use and budget are likely considerations when purchasing furniture. New and used pieces are available to fit all situations.

  1. Check your local paper or local on line advertising as people list pieces they do not use any longer. The ad's may also  include garage sales or private estate sales.
  2. Another of the ten best places to buy furniture are flea markets. Antique pieces can be found there that are unique and not made any longer. You may also find pieces to repair a piece you already have.
  3. Auctioneers/auctions are another of the ten best places to buy furniture. Some have permanent facilities while others use the location or a nearby site  for the sale to auction off furniture. When you find a reputable auctioneer keep contacting them for an updated listing on local auctions. The auctioneer is happy to have a packed room.
  4. Resale or consignment shops many times have furniture. Most stores will drop the prices weekly or bi-weekly. The only risk is if you wait too long another person may grab the piece.
  5. Discount and mart stores are another of the ten best places to buy furniture. Often times they will secure pieces or sets of stylish, durable furniture such as kitchen table and chairs. Check sales ads as these are usually their feature item. Ask about a lay-away plan. Some stores do offer the plan.
  6. Dollar stores will occasionally get furniture. They may secure say 200 of a piece or set of furniture. Often times it is not the best quality but will make do on a budget.
  7. Another of the ten best places to buy furniture is a furniture store. Both nationwide chains and locally owned stores will range in price, style, selection and quality. Local, family owned stores tend to concentrate on quality. They may advertise in your Sunday paper, on the television or on the radio.
  8. Still another of the ten best places to buy furniture is through on line stores. Numerous stores exist and will ship the item to your home.
  9. Small plants and manufacturers are some of the best places to buy furniture. Call or e-mail to see if a private shipment can be secured. Many times they will drop a piece off at the end of your drive while delivering a load to a locally owned store. You will be responsible for moving the piece into the house/apartment. This will result in higher quality at a lesser price.
  10. Local warehouses are a great place to find furniture. Warehouses exist for local hotels that purchased bulk of furniture but changed their mind or miscounted how many sets would be needed. The furniture is new and of good quality, but the selection is only what is on site. The warehouses are usually located in major cities. Research. You will not be disappointed in your time and effort.
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