10 Best Places To Buy Land

The 10 best places to buy land are located throughout the country. As with any real estate transaction, location is the key. Bang for the buck and value in the land is also an important factor. The buyer also must consider personal intent. If the land is purchased as an investment, personal attachment cannot become part of the investment mix. If the land is destined to become part of a retirement home, then attraction is an important consideration.

  1. Rancho Santa Fe, California: Located in San Diego county, Rancho Santa Fe is a tony neighborhood that includes the main village and land immediately surrounding the area. Both areas have the high-end zip code, one of the most expensive in the US. If you have a few million, check out land in the village area. If you build a house in the village, you'll bump elbows with Bill Gates when you pick up your mail at the village post office. 
  2. Sagaponack, New York: Located in the Long Island area in the Hamptons, Sagaponack land has rocketed up in price as a result of recent mega-mansion construction that began in the early 2000s. You'll find a tear down for several million but a landmark, new estates will put you back in the range of $150 million. 
  3. Jupiter Island, Florida: Another location where new money clashes with the old. If you can afford it, this one of the top ten best places to buy land. You'll hobnob with neighbor Tiger Woods, as well the family of Fords, of auto fame, who are long-time residents. 
  4. Malibu, California: Malibu is located on the Pacific Ocean and is the home of ocean-front homes on private beaches. The town is home to movie stars and business moguls. There is some land still available in between the shoreline mansions, but it is pricey. Pick up land here and you've snagged a piece of beauty in one of the ten best places to buy land. 
  5. East Hampton Village, New York: It is a traditional place to pick up choice land, but The Hamptons, located in Long Island on the Atlantic Coast, is also one of the 10 best places to buy land. Not all land in the Hamptons has the same value, but the land in East Hampton Village has held strong over the decades. 
  6. Aspen, Colorado: While many of the residents in Aspen are seasonal, there are people who live in this natural paradise year-round. As the resorts spread out into surrounding Pitkin County, Colorado, the value of the land increases. Pick up a piece of land and wait for future expansion or enjoy it on vacation. Meet up your Aspen neighbors, including Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Costner. 
  7. Gasparilla Island, Florida: Another Florida island with valuable land. Gasparilla Island offers a tropical location and a relaxing place that is perfect for property shoppers. Expect to bring a large bank account; the land is limited and the prices are high. 
  8. Kiawah Island, South Carolina: The Kiawah Native Americans were the first residents of the island, but industrialists took over beginning in 1900. Today, the island is one of the ten best places to buy land. Golf, sunshine and money are the hallmarks of this island. Be prepared to spend several million on a home, or simply hold it for an investment. 
  9. Honolulu, Hawaii: It's a tropical island paradise, and land here never fails to increase in value. The city was chosen by "Businessweek" as one of the "World's Best Places to Live" in 2009, and the price of land illustrates its routine placement on such lists. 
  10. San Francisco, California: Another city making the "Businessweek" top 30 residences in the world. Anywhere near the city is a key buy and meets the criteria of high and continued value to merit being called one of the ten best places to buy land. 


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