10 Best Places To Donate

The 10 best places to donate depend on your interests and opinions. It's better to give than to receive, but donating to various charities and organizations can be a confusing matter to many of us. Here are some basic places you may wish to consider donating your hard-earned cash to help those in need.

  1. The public library is one of 10 the best places you can donate money. Public libraries benefit the entire community. Your money can help libraries afford to buy more books, magazines, computers and other materials that patrons can use for free.
  2. Donating money to your child's school is another excellent place to donate money. Most public schools constantly conduct fundraising in order to add more money to the school's coffers. Give them a helping hand by donating some of your hard-earned cash.
  3. Consider giving money to your religious organization. Many people choose to donate to their house of worship. Religious organizations use donations to perform charity work and help others in the local community or people in need around the world.
  4. Try donating money to local foster care agencies. Foster care agencies constantly need money in order to help children in the foster care system. Whether it's clothing, diapers, or other necessities, foster care agencies need money in order to purchase supplies for kids in need. A foster care agency is one of the best places to donate.
  5. Don't forget our furry friends. Animal shelters are always in need of money in order to care for abandoned pets. Consider donating money to help purchase blankets, food bowls, and other pet supplies. Animal shelters are one of the best places to donate.
  6. Why not donate to a local arts organization? Whether you enjoy musical theater, dance, visual arts, opera, or orchestral music, you can help arts organizations survive by donating money.
  7. Dig deep and donate to a homeless shelter. Homeless shelters need money in order to buy food and other supplies for people who have nowhere to live. Homeless shelters are one of the 10 best places to donate.
  8. Donate to an organization that is seeking a cure for cancer, diabetes or other life-threatening diseases. Your donation may help researchers discover a medicine that can save someone's life.
  9. Consider donating to the United Way. The United Way is a nonprofit organization that helps people in the community and is one of the best places to donate. Whether delivering meals to the elderly, helping families in crisis, or assisting families with special needs children, the United Way is responsible for a wide range of charity work.
  10. Donate to your local Boys & Girls Club of America. This organization provides after school activities for kids, keeping them off the streets and involved in positive recreation. Arts programs, sports teams, tutoring, job skills programs are just a few of the activities offered. Your money can help keep those programs in your community. Boys & Girls Club are some of the best places to donate your money.
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