10 Best Places To Have Sex In Public

When trying to find a different place to have sex, check out the 10 best places to have sex in public. You can spice up your sex life by trying different places to have sex. The risk of getting caught is the big adrenaline rush. Just make sure you do not get caught.

   1. Out in an open field. Having sex out in an open field is not very risky. You are out in the open. It is public. You can roll around in the grass or dirt. No open fields in your area? Try out the backyard, just do not get caught.
   2. Balcony. Having sex on a balcony is a little more risky. You will be out in the open. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the city, along with passionate and frisky sex. This is a great place to have sex in public.
   3. Parked car. This is a place where many couples have sex in public. You may not have much room, but you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of having sex in public. You are not completely out in the open, just enough to be frisky. To make it riskier, try rolling down the windows or having sex on the car hood.
   4. Department store. A department store is a riskier place to have sex in public. You have a higher risk of getting caught. So if she wants you to come in the changing room to help, go for it. It can make a very frisky place to have sex.
   5. Beach. This is a very romantic and frisky place to have sex. It is very risky. Once you get to rolling in the sand, the risk of getting caught will only add to the pleasure.
   6. Movies. The movies have been a very traditional place for people to get frisky. You have a good chance of getting caught. You will want to be careful and have fun.
   7. Office. Most woman fantasize about having sex in the office. Doing the deed in a familiar place is exciting. Make sure you lock up the doors and keep the noise down. You could get caught.
   8. Elevator. This is one of the most risky places to have sex in public. You will want to make it quick or stop the elevator. Your chances of getting caught are very high so enjoy it while you can.
   9. Swimming Pool. A swimming pool is a fun and frisky place to have sex in public. You can enjoy being in the water while getting frisky. You could easily get caught, so make sure not many people are around. Knowing people are around could add to the pleasure as well.
  10. Port-A-Potty. This is a safer place to have sex in public. You will enjoy knowing that the people outside know what you are doing. It will be a huge rush. You will be crammed together, but it makes it even more fun.

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