10 Best Places To Kayak In The World

Knowing about the 10 best places to kayak in the world is a must if you love kayaking. From the Gauley River to the Ardeche Gorge, there are many fun and exciting places to kayak around the world.

  1. Gauley River.  Located in West Virginia, the Gauley River is one of the best places to kayak in the world. According to the National Park Service, the Gauley River features more than 100 major rapids, making it the perfect destination for adventure junkies. Investing in a durable kayak is a must if you plan on kayaking this river any time soon.
  2. Phra Nang. Limestone cliffs, crystal clear water and a wide array of tropical fish make Phra Nang one of the best places to kayak in the world. Located in Thailand, Phra Nang is the place to be if you want to surround yourself with a tropical, care-free atmosphere. If you don’t like crowds, plan on kayaking in the early morning hours.
  3. Dead Tree Valley. Located in Chile, Dead Tree Valley is another of the best places to kayak in the world. Dead Tree Valley is a wetland area littered with dead trees, hundreds of different bird species and plenty of flora and fauna to discover.
  4. Mekong River near Phnom Penh. Located partially in Cambodia, the Mekong River near Phnom Penh boasts dense jungle streams, remote forests and scenic wetlands. The Mekong River supports one of the worlds most diverse fisheries. When kayaking this river, be sure to bring along a camera as freshwater dolphins and other exotic fish lie just below you.
  5. La Perouse Bay. If you’re looking for a remote location to kayak then La Perouse Bay, located in Maui, Hawaii, is the place to be. If possible, avoid kayaking this area in the winter and spring seasons as its south swell can make things a little dangerous.
  6. Mosquito Bay. Located in Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay boasts glowing water, lush scenery and a pollution free environment. To become more knowledgeable about the many wonders that Mosquito Bay offers be sure to join one of the many guided tours given daily.
  7. The Ardeche Gorge. Located in France, the Ardeche Gorge is one of the most fascinating and exhilarating places to kayak. If you’re a nature lover then you’re going to absolutely love this place. Clean and clear waters along with breathtaking views of cliffs in the backdrop make the Ardeche Gorge one of the best places to kayak in the world.
  8. Black Canyon. Black Canyon, located in Nevada, is another one of the best places to kayak in the world. This kayak hotspot features emerald green waters, sandy beaches, hidden sea caves, towering cliffs and stunningly beautiful hot springs. Be sure to bring along a lunch and plenty of water as you’ll surely end up spending hours upon hours exploring.
  9. Murray River. If you’re an adrenaline junkie then kayaking the Murray River, located in Australia, is the perfect feat for you. This kayak destination is for experienced kayakers only. If you’re a beginner, look into kayaking with a professional guide.
  10. Cartecay River. Located in Georgia, the Cartecay River is perfect for inexperienced or beginner kayakers. Not only does the Cartecay River feature beautiful blue waters, it also boasts a lush, peaceful environment, making it one of the best places to kayak in the world.
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