10 Best Places To Masturbate

Have you been searching for the 10 best places to masturbate, only to come up with the same old, same old places? Stop right here and take a look at the list of masturbation places that have been compiled for those who want more than just the ordinary place. 

  1. Up, up and away. Did you know that masturbating inside of an airplane can be one of the most enjoyable orgasms of all time. It is known, that the cause of such an orgasm is cause by the difference in altitude. So while you're flying high in the sky, why not let your penis fly high too!
  2. Ever driven your car really fast at night down a dark road with no one in sight? If so, then find that road, get your speed to where you want it, and begin to masturbate. With the intense thrill the speed is given you, the masturbating will only add to the excitement. 
  3. Underneath the table while dining at a fine, prestigious restaurant. The intense feeling of being caught, will add to the intensity while masturbating,. Can you not just feel how good the orgasm will be while dining on prime rib.
  4. Nothing beats the thrill of masturbating in the library where you have to be completely quiet at all times. Find a nice spot in the back of the library and whip it out. Holding in your moans and groans will add more intensity to your orgasm. 
  5. Stay clean and enjoy the view while masturbating in the ocean at your favorite beach. Watch all the women stroll on by and fantasize as you pull on your penis in the cool, salty water. 
  6. In the back row at a movie theater can be a very exciting place to masturbate. Although very dark inside, people are still around making you wonder if they will see you. 
  7. In your own bed with your partner lying right next you, either awake or asleep. Sometimes men get more excited when their partner is asleep so they get that feeling that they might get caught. Others are more excited having their partner watch them while they masturbate, either way it's exciting.
  8. If you're looking for a private masturbating session, one of the best places is in the shower. You can take your time and make no mess that  needs to be cleaned up.
  9. Find one of those motels that you can pay only a couple of hours worth and get to it. Masturbate until your sexual tension is gone for the day. Masturbate all around the room, then pass out for the rest of the time. 
  10. Last but not least, if you're looking for a place to masturbate, head over to an adult book store that has single movie showings in the back. Once inside, start the movie and get to stroking. 

If you can think of other places to masturbate, then by all means masturbate. Be sure you bring the lube and a towel to clean yourself up afterwards. Even a change a clothes if needed. Happy masturbating to all.