10 Best Places to Meet Women in Austin

If you're looking to make friends or more-than-friends in Austin, try these 10 best places to meet women in Austin. It's tough being single, and meeting people in general is often difficult for the most confident and outgoing of individuals. Places with multiple social venues and activities often give singles the needed nudge to meet new people.  With its quirky neighborhoods, fun night life, and many music venues, Austin has many such areas. Here are the ten best places to meet women in Austin.

  1. Barton Springs. Barton Springs, with its famous cold springs, is an Austin favorite. Locals throng here in the summer to cool off after a long, hot Texas day. Austinites stretch out, sunbathe, exercise, and generally frolic here, and it's known among locals as a hot place to meet women.
  2. Yoga class. Austinites are huge fans of yoga, and plenty of opportunities abound in this city to practice.  The largest studio in town is Yoga Yoga, which offers classes for all levels and all purposes. With several locations all around the Austin area, a class is readily accessible. As a fun, relaxing, group exercise, a yoga studio is one top ten best places to meet women in Austin.
  3. Sixth Street.  Sixth Street is one of the most famous party strips in the U.S. For people who are most comfortable meeting women amidst revelry, no other venue can beat Sixth Street in terms of pure party power. Sixth Street is located in the heart of downtown Austin, and contains a cluster of bars and nightclubs where the drinks are served until early in the morning, a perfect place to meet singles.
  4. UT Campus. Austin is home of the Texas Longhorns and the University of Texas, a world class university with coeds eager to meet new people. 
  5. Fourth Street. Fourth Street, located in downtown Austin, is known for its upscale bars and pubs. A little less frenzied than Sixth Street, Fourth Street gives singles a chance to relax and converse in a social setting, which can be a little hard to do in the loud party atmosphere of Sixth Street.
  6. South Congress. South Congress Avenue, located just south of downtown, is known for its quirky and fashionable shopping. The first Thursday of every month, the shops in the area put on a bazaar. Tents spring up with local vendors hawking wares of every sort, and the whole town turns out to see the wares while local musicians play at the local venues, making it one of the top ten places to meet women in Austin.
  7. North Loop. North Loop is a similar neighborhood to South Congress, and also has an event on the third Thursday of the month, featuring live bands and entertainment, a great social event for making new friends.
  8. The Drag. Filled with restaurants and bars, the Drag is located right across from the University of Texas and is a popular hangout for students. Its location and friendly atmosphere make meeting women easy.
  9. North Side. On the north side of Austin, around the area of Loop 1 and 183, many upscale bars and restaurants focus on providing entertainment to an older, working crowd.  People interested in meeting working professionals from one of Austin's many companies would find the North Side of Austin one of the ten best places to meet women.
  10. Seasonal Events. Austin has many seasonal events and festivals. South by Southwest, Austin City Limits, the Austin Kite Festival, and the yearly Hot Sauce Festival are some of the many events that bring Austinites out to play.  These events are all incredibly social, making it easy to make new friends and meet women.
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