10 Best Places to Meet Women on the Internet

If you're a single man looking for new ways to find dates, you might want to know the 10 best places to meet women on the Internet. The Internet has long been a popular way to meet women, as far back as the mid 1990s. Most encouraging is the face that when you are looking at meeting women on the Internet, any place can be the best place for you.


  1. Match.com. This one of the largest, if not the largest matchmaking sites in the business, geared toward helping you find Ms. Right. Match.com offers everything from personality tests to live chats, and even dedicated professionals to help you present yourself in the best light possible. Plus, if you don't find a match within 6 months, you get the next 6 months free.

  2. AdultFriendFinder. If you're not looking for a soulmate at the moment and are looking to meet women on the Internet for the purpose of hooking up, try this community. It boasts over 32 million members with tens of thousands online at any given time. Adultfriendfinder is absolutely loaded with features to help you find Ms. Right Now.

  3. Alt. If you want to meet women on the Internet who are into BDSM, then you owe it to yourself to check out Alt.com. An offshoot of AdultFriendFinder, they offer the same features, with a total membership of two million. Like AdultFriendFinder, Alt.com offers blogs, anonymous chats, emails and user-made videos.

  4. OkCupid. Try out their free matchmaking service, which matches people chiefly by how many of their many personal questions you answer. In addition to being a dating service, OkCupid features many flexible options to meet women on the Internet. For instance, you can send instant messages, post on public message forums, write a blog, and generally mingle with people much like you would in real life.

  5. Craig'sl List. This is the wild wild west of online dating and hookup venues, for good and for bad. Craigslist is free to participate in, except for posting job ads or erotic service ads (which are not the same as personal ads). You can browse a wide selection of unmoderated ads and participate in their forums as well.

  6. Erotic story websites. This is a highly underrated place to meet women on the Internet which often gets ignored. If you're good with prose and know how to write stories that titillate women readers, or have a desire to do so plus a willingness to learn, you will do very well on websites that specialize in delivering written erotic content. Most of these sites are free. Try to go for the ones that have forums or a means of delivering feedback to you.

  7. Social networking websites. From Myspace and Tribe to Facebook, social networking websites are an awesome place to meet women on the Internet. They all have a very high population of women users, and places like Tribe.net even have forums for singles, erotic stories and even pictures.

  8. Online discussion forums. You can meet women on the Internet in just about any discussion forum. While in these cases you need to be a bit more creative and subtle, the advantage is in a discussion forum, you will meet someone who shares at least one or more of the same interests as you.

  9. Internet Relay Chat. This is one of the oldest live chatroom systems on the Internet. You can meet as many as a million people per week in an equally various amount of chat rooms. Each chat room therein is typically moderated by its own group of capricious "operators." IRC was one of the earliest places to meet women on the Internet.

  10. The Internet. Seriously, the best place to meet women on the Internet is anywhere you can find them. As long as you have some good manners, behave like an adult, and can carry on an interesting and funny conversation, you are bound to meet someone in a meaningful way.

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