10 Best Places to Meet Women in Jacksonville

Looking for the 10 best places to meet women in Jacksonville? Are there even any places to meet women in Jacksonville? Well, the greater Jacksonville area is creeping up on a million people, and still any mention of the dating scene in this burned out burg conjures visions of tumbleweeds rather than champagne and romance. But never fear; here are ten local places where you can meet Jacksonville's finest women!

  1. Online. Jacksonville is dead last in meeting single women and nightlife out of the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, but came in number seven for online dating. Hopping online is stop number one when you want to meet women in Jacksonville.
  2. The Pearl. Located in historic Springfield (historic in this context means dangerous at night, so don't stroll around the hood after you've had a few), The Pearl boasts a casual crowd of the young and the underemployed. Black-rimmed glasses and new-wave hairdos gather around a full-size fiberglass tree that reaches to the roof. Jacksonville doesn't have a lot in the way of hipster hangouts, but for tattooed girls sporting more than a  tramp stamp, this is your best bet. The Pearl: 1101 N. Main St., Jacksonville, FL 32206.
  3. The Art Walk. The first Wednesday of every month, Jacksonville's otherwise stoic lower downtown area opens up its galleries and restaurants to local artists who want to pedal their wares. The library, the museum and even the old fire station just off Main Street are covered wall-to-wall by local kitch and class. You don't have to be a Picasso-sized player to figure out that this would be the best place to meet women with taste. Hopefully not too much taste though, right? After all, they still have to choose you.
  4. Jacksonville Beach. The rumors are true, there is a place where women strip down to nearly nothing and get themselves soaking wet on purpose. No, it's not the Gold Club (okay, maybe at the Gold Club too). It's the beach! More than just sand, Jacksonville Beach boasts bars and clubs. The Freebird Cafe features top-tier talent and First and Second Street have fully-packed venues like  the Ocean Club and Brix. Jacksonville's best Irish pubs, the Fly's Tie and Lynch's, are also there. Overall, this is one of the easiest places to to bar hop and to meet women.
  5. Aroma's Cigar Bar. With locations at the beach and on the south side, this cigar bar uses it stogies and full bar to lure in well-off 40-somethings. It can be a great place to meet women in Jacksonville.
  6. Tera Nova Lounge. Voted Jacksonville's best new club in 2007, the Tera Nova Lounge features a huge interior full of modern design and trendy leather chairs. Its best feature, however, is that it can actually fill that space with local women despite strict enforcement of its dress code and high drink prices. Tera Nova Lounge: 8206 Phillips Highway, Jacksonville, FL 32256.
  7. San Marco Square. This strip features wine bars like The Grotto and cosy clubs like Square One. It's one of the cities few walkable areas and a great place to meet women.
  8. Avondale. With late-nate hookah bar the Kasbah and a sting of posh restaurants, upscale Avondale is full of trophy wives with tan-lined ring fingers.
  9. Five Points at Riverside. An old and ever-trendy part of town, Five Points has boutique shopping and dive bars. Young and penniless creatives tend to hang out in these parts, so break out the turtleneck and mingle.
  10. The Town Center. No, it's not downtown. The Town Center is a large open-air shopping facility in the heart of the south side with a shopping mall, fine dining and small bars. With both bookstores and bars, coffee houses and clubs, the Town Center has ample opportunities to meet the rarely seen Jacksonville single bird.
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