10 Best Places to Meet Women in Kansas City

Due to the city's rapidly developing cultural and art scenes, many of the 10 best places to meet women in Kansas City are located near the downtown, midtown and crossroads areas. That doesn't mean that you can't find single women in other locations, however — there are many places throughout the metro area that are great for striking up a conversation.

  1. The Nelson Atkins: While you may get lucky and be able to strike up a conversation with a woman while viewing the thousands of exhibits at the Nelson, your best bet is within the on-site cafes. The Rozelle Court Restaurant is a quiet, romantic spot where many people go to read and enjoy the soothing environment of the museum; while the Bloch Museum Cafe is a more modern location for meeting women.
  2. Mill Creek Park: Mill Creek Park is located near the Country Club Plaza, and is a haven for urban dwellers and tourists alike. The park surrounds Kansas City's most identifiable landmark, the Nichols Fountain. It's one of the city's gems in the way of being a place to meet women in Kansas City, as you'll often be able to strike up a conversation at the fountain or while warming up before a jog.
  3. First Friday: First Friday is a local, monthly art festival that takes place on the first Friday of every month in the Crossroads District. The festival features bands, local art exhibits and performance art in the street. It's easy to meet women in Kansas City at First Friday if you stand near one while watching fire performers on the street, or if you can strike up a conversation in a local art exhibit.
  4. Power and Light: The Power and Light District is one of the city's newest entertainment areas, featuring several bars, restaurants, theaters and a bowling alley. The bars range from casual to upscale clubs, and while it is a great place to meet women in Kansas City, the competition is fierce. 
  5. Farmer's Markets: Being smack in the middle of an agricultural haven may seem like a bummer to singles looking to meet women, but it's just the opposite. One of the benefits to being so close to farms and food production means that the city features several places to buy fresh and local produce, such as the River Market and the Overland Park Farmer's Market. Getting to meet women is as easy as offering to help them take their freshly-purchased tomatoes to their car.
  6. Westport: After the opening of the Power and Light area, Westport has mellowed and become a great place to meet women in Kansas City. The area used to be full of bachelorette parties and sorority girls, but is now home to chill men, women and couples. Strike up a conversation at Kelly's and go for a munchie run at Chubby's up the street.
  7. Grocery Stores: If you want to meet women in Kansas City, prey on the city's lack of small grocery stores. Many people have no choice but to shop in big chains, but if you can find a small, local grocery store, you're in business. 
  8. Dog Parks: The concept of dog parks has been slow in coming to the Kansas City area, but there are a few in the suburbs. Meeting women in Kansas City is as easy as taking your dog to the park and socializing while it plays.
  9. Coffee Shops: Perhaps coffee shops are a bit cliche when it comes to meeting people, but it's a different scene in Kansas City. The are few locally-owned coffee shops, and the ones that are local are usually full of 20- to 30-somethings looking for a conversation. Try hanging out on a Saturday evening at Javanaut in Westport or the Roasterie in Brookside. You'll find that local shops are some of the best places to meet women in Kansas City.
  10. Charity Events: Kansas City is full of outdoor activities and charity events all 12 months of the year. Watch the newspapers for events such as a charity 5K run or benefit. Buy a ticket for a great opportunity to meet women while doing something good for the community.
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