10 Best Places to Meet Women in Memphis

Memphis is a city well known for its music, food, and abundance of women. These are the 10 best places to meet women in Memphis.

  1. The Bars–good food, good drinks, and good music. Bars are a great way to let loose on the weekends, and they are an excellent way to meet women in Memphis. Single women in Memphis often go to bars on the weekend to have fun with the girls and meet men. The atmosphere is even more fun during the sports season. Luckily for the local men, and those just passing through, many southern women are as equally into sports as men. An exciting night of catching the game in a bar can easily lead to scoring a few numbers as well. Some great bars to meet women in Memphis include The Blue Monkey, Celtic Crossing, Club 152 on Beale (also has dance floor!), Flying Saucer, and Young Avenue Deli.
  2. The Bookstore is the perfect place to meet women in Memphis. The larger bookstores are like mini social clubs. They have lounge areas and coffee shops. The bookstore also makes for a great place to engage in small talk. Approaching a woman and asking her about the book she's holding opens up a casual dialogue. Bookstar and Borders are two of the best bookstores for meeting women in Memphis.
  3. Coffee Shops provide a casual, social atmosphere for any time of day and any day of the week. Some coffee shops in Memphis, like Java Cabana, occasionally have live music as well. The coffee shop is quieter and the more comfortable, less threatening setting makes it much easier to meet women. Even better, the laidback environment encourages a little flirtation across the room.
  4. The University Area is like a mini-town. Where there are students, there will be single women. If you're young and hip, the University of Memphis area is one of the best places to meet women in Memphis. If you're looking for drinks, there's RP Trax and Ubees. There's always a party where everyone's invited on the weekends near the campus. There are also campus events that are open to the public where there are plenty of  single college girls.
  5. Clubs. Some men like clubs, some don't–single women in Memphis, on the other hand, flock to the clubs on the weekends. The club is usually the best place to meet women because everyone is dancing, tipsy, and having a good time. Senses is one of the more popular clubs in Memphis.
  6. The Cooper Young Area is known for its carefree, liberal attitude and there is always a cultural event going on. The Cooper Young area has been referred to as the "gay" district, but on the weekends in the evenings everyone comes out to enjoy a diverse selection of food and drinks. If you like diversity when it comes to the ladies, this is also a great place to meet women.
  7. There is always a concert going on at the Hi-Tone, Murphys, and The New Daisy Theatre. If you're looking for the type of girl who can enjoy a good, local show, these are the places to meet women.
  8. Memphis has many festivals and cultural events, especially during the warmer months. These events are usually listed in the Memphis Flyer and there are many single women in attendance. There is something for everyone, from music festivals to wine-tasting.
  9. Volunteering in Memphis not only lets you give back; it is also a great way to meet women. You'll find all types of women volunteering in Memphis for different reasons. Women are often told that if they want to meet good men, they should go out and volunteer more. What better way to meet up with one of these women? Ask around about volunteer opportunities because they are numerous in Memphis.
  10. Beale Street. You can't mention Memphis without mentioning Beale Street. It's everything wrapped in one. Bars, restaurants, music, and plenty of women. There are places to sit down and drink and there are places to dance. Single women flock to Beale Street every weekend to have fun and meet men. You won't leave Beale Street without at least a few numbers.
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