10 Best Places to Meet Women in Milwaukee

If you're a single guy in Milwaukee, it's easy to meet women.  In 2009, Forbes Magazine rated Milwaukee ninth overall as one of the best places in the United States for singles to live and work.

  1. The Milwaukee Art Museum. The Art Museum not only has wonderful exhibits, they also have lectures, tours, and days when budding artists can bring a sketchbook into the galleries.  All of these events are perfect places to meet women in Milwaukee.
  2. Alterra on the Lake. Coffee places in general are a good way to meet women, but the Alterra coffee shop at 1701 North Lincoln Memorial Drive in Milwaukee is by far the best.  Alterra has plenty of people coming in and out of this busy location, and men are sure to meet a women in Milwaukee while they sip their cup of joe.
  3. Jazz in the Park. Many of Milwaukee's coolest single women can be found at Jazz in the Park every Thursday during the summer months.  From June through September every year, live concerts take place in Cathedral Square.  Just bring a blanket and enjoy in the tunes (and the women).
  4. Bastille Days. Women who love French food, music, and gifts can be found at Bastille Days, which runs the second weekend in July.  
  5. Milwaukee Brewer's Game. The best part about Brewer's Games?  The cheap bleacher seats.  That's also where men can meet women in Milwaukee.
  6. La Perla. La Perla Mexican restaurant is a combination of great cuisine and atmosphere.  Women in Milwaukee love to go and ride the mechanical chili pepper, which makes this a perfect place for men to frequent.
  7. Water Street. Any of the bars on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee work well for a place to meet women.
  8. Summerfest. This large music festival on Milwaukee's lakefront runs for a week and a half starting at the end of June.  Single women can be found at one of the many free concerts, sampling some of Milwaukee's finest cuisine, or browsing the shopping areas.
  9. Admirals Game. Admirals Games are a great way to meet women in Milwaukee.  The atmosphere is fun and there is always a selection of single ladies enjoying the game.  It's one of those events that people enjoy even if they aren't into hockey.
  10. Lincoln Memorial Drive. Men who like to walk, skate, run, or bike can find women in Milwaukee who like Lincoln Memorial Drive.  The stretch of sidewalk boasts a view of Lake Michigan while providing plenty of opportunities to meet a girl.


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