10 Best Places to Meet Women in Virginia Beach

Here are the ten best places to meet women in Virginia Beach. Have fun scouting them!

  1. Chesapeake Bay Beach. This beach has a mild, quiet atmosphere, and is wonderful for just relaxing. Women sometimes enjoy a quieter lifestyle, and they appreciate men who are also looking for a more relaxing way to spend the day. Chesapeake Bay Beach is a perfect relaxed atmosphere for meeting women.
  2. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Visitors and locals alike love the boardwalk, and women love the hustle and bustle it. What’s better than being able to shop and sit in the sun all in one spot? The Boardwalk attracts millions of tourists each year, and is a great place to meet new women.
  3. Awful Arthur’s. One of the hottest bars in the city, Awful Arthur’s offers fabulous seafood, and a fun atmosphere. It is well known by locals and tourists alike, and is considered one of the best places to hang out and just have fun. This is a great place to meet single women!
  4. Beach Street USA. Let the fun begin! Beach Street USA is a carnival for the young and old alike. It has everything from magicians and juggling acts, to musicians and shopping. This is a great hot spot to pick up women. Women love being able to spend time watching a variety of activities in one spot, and they enjoy people who are willing to have fun. Beach Street USA is one of the easiest places in the world to make a woman laugh and enjoy herself.
  5. Peabody‘s. The hottest night spot in Virginia Beach! Women love to dance and have a good time, so Peabody’s would be THE place to meet women at night. Thursday night is lady’s night so that would be the time to meet single women in Virginia beach.
  6. Parks. Any of the parks at Virginia Beach will do. If you have access to a dog or a beautiful child, this will make meeting women even easier. Women love animals, kids, and the outdoors, and if they see you enjoying the same things that they do, it will be much easier to break the ice with them. So go out to the parks, and do things you love. Women will be sure to take notice.
  7. Gyms. There are several good local gyms in the area. Become a member of one, and start working out. Women love men who are willing to take care of themselves. Being active and healthy will benefit your body, mind, and soul and it will help you meet women. So get out there and join a gym today!
  8. Shopping Centers. Women love to shop, and can often be found congregating at the malls. Any mall will do. It's easy to meet women and strike up a conversation if you are both looking at items that she likes. Or buy a woman you like coffee while you are both waiting in line at the local coffee shop. It helps to start a conversation and is a good way to flatter a nice lady.
  9. Military Bases. Virginia Beach has several military bases and training facilities. Any of the local bars next to the military bases will do. A lot of women are either daughters or friends of people in the military, and they often don’t know where to go to meet people other than the closest bar or restaurant. Women who are associated with the military are usually fun and adventurous. Virginia beach has several bases, so meeting women who have military connections should be easy.
  10. Spring Break and Winter Breaks. These are the best times to meet single women in Virginia beach, because all the ladies flock to the beaches during this time frame. They need a break from the winter/early spring doldrums, and Virginia Beach is one of the hottest vacation sites in the country.
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