10 Best Places to Meet Women in Washington, D.C.

The 10 best places to meet women in Washington, D.C. include political events, free events, and plenty of bars. Washington, D.C. offers many an opportunity for people to meet and mingle and here is a list of 10 places that might place you in the right place, at the right time.
  1. Jazz in the Sculpture Garden. Summer time in Washington, D.C. is great for free events. Every Friday after work on The Mall near 4th St. NW there is free Jazz in the sculpture garden. There are plenty of women winding down from the week, relaxing, drinking wine, listening to good music, and just waiting for the right person to come and start a conversation.
  2. Smithsonian Museums. Every Smithsonian museum is free and full of important and interesting information, and beautiful art work. These museums offer a perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation about a shared interest in the founding fathers, or in Picasso.
  3. At a protest. Washington, D.C. is ground-zero for protests, and thousands of people with shared political beliefs come together and get passionate about an issue. It is easy to start a conversation with a woman, and then continue the passionate conversation after the protest at a coffee shop or a bar.
  4. Adams Morgan Bars. These bars are the place to find women who want to party like they are in college again. There is a lot of drinking, dancing, and no one is overly concerned about getting dressy for the night out. If looking for a quick hook-up, this is the place to go.
  5. Bars on the Hill. After a long day working, Congressional interns and staffers flock to nearby bars and take advantage of happy hour. Many women will be willing to talk about anything, except work.
  6. Georgetown Bars. For more upscale and pricier drinks with a crowd to match, Georgetown is the place to go. The clientele is similar to Adams Morgan Bar patrons, except these women either are earning six figures or have a trust fund paying that much.
  7. Coffee Shops. As with most cities, a coffee shop is an easy place to meet women. There are many places that also have book stores, perfect for starting off a conversation.
  8. At the Monuments. There isn't anywhere else in the country that offers monuments the way Washington, D.C. does. Find women out walking and taking in the sights, or tourists who aren't only looking at the attractions, but also for a new "friend".
  9. On the Metro. People in Washington, D.C. spend a lot of time commuting on the train. There are often delays. Strike up a conversation with the nearest woman about how much the Metro sucks.
  10. Online. People in Washington, D.C. work a lot. Often times, they have no time to meet people in the traditional sense. Enter online dating. These sites match up plenty of singles in the area, and is a perfectly legitimate way to start a relationship.

Washington, D.C. has a lot to offer, including women looking for the right guy.

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