10 Best Places To Meet Women By Yourself

The ten best places to meet women by yourself involve figuring out your interests and locating the proper venues to find women. You don't need a posse to meet just the right woman. You need only a nice venue where you have a place that is quiet enough for you to chat and visit. It helps to select locations that you actually like to visits. If you fake interest and attend an event to meet women, you may have to do that same interest for the rest of your life, if you meet Ms. Right there. Just a warning. 

  1. An art gallery. There are two ways to play this location. Either you're going to come in as an art fan, which requires a whole lot of work, or you're going to be an interested rube looking for someone with a bit of knowledge about art. The second option is recommended, unless you enjoy going to the library or online and studying. If you play the ignorant rube, be sure to read the tags next to the art or any brochures that accompany the exhibit. 
  2. The library. Develop a backstory for going to the library, pick up a notebook and head out for potential action. Ask women for help in selecting a book. Don't omit the librarians in this best place to meet women by yourself. 
  3. The grocery store. Pick a cart and line the bottom with single guy favorites. Head over to the produce section with a recipe for some impossibly tough cooking job. Wait until some sweet thing comes into the area and then begin to shop. Perfect your confused look as you examine your recipe. If she's interested in you, she'll figure out that you need some help in putting the recipe items together. The produce section is one of the best places to meet women by yourself. 
  4. The fabric store. Figure out something to sew and head over to the fabric store. The sewing project must be credible. You can't be making slipcovers if you've never sewn anything in your life. Start with something small, like a lost button or replacing a zipper. Cruise the store and look for a female with a smile on her face and ask for some help. She might even offer to help you with the sewing job. 
  5. The auto parts department of a chain store. If a solo woman comes in to shop in this department, you can be assured that she needs some help or she's an ace mechanic. 
  6. A stage play. Don't pick a play at a large venue; instead, select a local theater or an off-stage play in a small venue where you can see everyone in the audience. Make sure the play has an intermission so you can meet and greet some of the women in the audience. Pick a weekday and explain that your friends prefer football to art, and you'll be in the thick of romance. 
  7. The dog park. Take your dog or borrow one to walk around a dog park. No need to confine yourself to your own dog park, simply let folks know that the park you selected is your dog's favorite. That kind of talk is endearing to many women. 
  8. A car lot. Women scouting a new car purchase offer the perfect point for an introduction by a man knowledgeable about autos, or a man with time to research autos. 
  9. A small cafe with specialty food. Bring an old school book and sit with coffee to scan the prospects. 
  10. Specific topic chat room online. Pick a room where the chat is not overtly female, but appeals to women. Try cats, dogs, art, drama or quilting and tie in your trolling at the places to meet cyber women. 
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