10 Best Places to Sell Video Games and Consoles Online

So there you are, staring at your Atari Jaguar and your Panasonic 3DO and thinking “I wish I had a quick list of 10 places to sell video games and consoles online for some quick cash.” Well, luckily for you, here is just such a list! The beauty of the internet is that somebody somewhere probably really wants to buy your used consoles and games, and they will probably give you a better deal then any brick and mortar establishment will. What most potential sellers don't know, is that there are a ton of options to unload your used electronics. So gather up your Game Gears and Virtual Boys that have been collecting dust as paperweights and get ready to get yourself some cash!

  1. Ebay. One of the most obvious options. Ebay allows users to bid on your copy of Super Mario RPG and might end up fetching you a better price if the bidding gets competitive.
  2. Craigslist. It isn't just for finding no-strings-attached physical gratification. Craigslist is a great choice if you are looking to sell a console and some games quick, but you should be ready to deal with a solid amount of crazies. Actually, that is half the fun.
  3. Amazon. Often overlooked, if you have a large amount of games you want to sell and aren't in a hurry, selling them as used through Amazon's affiliate system could be a great option.
  4. Message Boards. No matter how obscure something is, there will probably be an online community related to it. If you want to sell more obscure consoles or titles, finding a message board dedicated to them and asking around there might fetch a great price. Rarer the better!
  5. SecondSpin.com Second Spin is a website dedicated to purchasing used games, CDs, and DVDs. If you have something to sell that they want, the prices are a bit better than you would get at GameStop. Sometimes.
  6. Gamepawn.com Gamepawn might be the choice of those with more classic tastes. The prices they offer for classic games are more than any actual store will give you, and even better than you will get on Craigslist most of the time.
  7. RVGNet.net The Recycle Video Games Network has been in business since 1998 and is fairly well trusted. They sell their games through Amazon and also through various retail stores.
  8. Spun.com Not to be confused with Spin, the awful music publication, Spun lets you trade games for other games and consoles. If you are just looking to sell games to buy other games, this might be too convenient to pass up. Laziness is key.
  9. Prex.com The Princeton Record Exchange is a NJ based store that is smart enough to allow people to contact them about selling games online. They only deal in current generation systems but will buy mostly anything.
  10. PlaySwitch.com A fairly new community, PlaySwitch, like Spun, revolves around trading games. This is the option for most gamers, and is a far better choice than supporting the questionable practices of more traditional stores like GameStop and EB.
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