10 Best Places to Surf Worldwide

Since the first human caught a wave, surfers have sought the 10 best places to surf worldwide. Where ever there is sand, there are waves, but some beaches boast the best of the best.

  1. Santa Caterina, Brazil Since it was discovered by the surfing community in the 1970's, Santa Caterina has been considered in the top ten best places to surf worldwide. Surfers of all skill levels give this beach their best shot.
  2. Samoa This South Pacific island, located just east of Fiji, offers the "Hang Ten" attitude of the Polynesian culture. Having consistent and continual waves makes Samoa one of the best places to surf worldwide.
  3. State of California, United States The long reaching stretch of coast lining the south west edge of North American offers surfers medium to large waves more than six months out of each year. Plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures put California on the list of best places to surf worldwide.
  4. Bali, Indonesia A fairly recent discovery in the surfing community, the island of Bali is continually hit by swells coming from the South Ocean. Offering waves up to twelve feet daily makes Bali one of the best places to surf worldwide.
  5. Costa Rica Miles of beach line this Central American island with a South Pacific feel. Costa Rica qualifies as one of the best places to surf worldwide due to it's consistently large swells and waves from April to October.
  6. Jefferys Bay, South Africa Home to the Bilabong surfing tournament each year, this beach lies just south of Port Elizabeth. Large swells in the months of June, July and August make Jefferys Bay one of the best places to surf worldwide.
  7. El Salvador This small Central American country is home to ten foot swells during the rainy season of October. The low cost of travel and the high experience rate necessary to surf these beaches make El Salvador one of the best places to surf worldwide.
  8. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia Swells coming in all directions makes this chain of more than 70 islands one of the best places to surf worldwide. The season goes all the way from March until October with the best waves crashing in between June and September.
  9. Gold Coast, Australia More than 70 miles of beach and four specific break points make the Gold Coast one of the best places to surf worldwide. Nicknamed "surfer's paradise" by the locals, it is located just southeast of Queensland. 
  10. Maui, Hawaii Home to North Shore, Maui is legend for it's monster waves and tropical surfing conditions. The best waves here are caught in November and March.
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