10 Best Places to Travel on a Budget: Mexico

These 10 best places to travel on a budget in Mexico are all beautiful and guest friendly. When travelling to Mexico make sure to have all documentation needed to enter and leave the country. If travelling by car, it is always a good idea to get travelers insurance in case anything happens to the vehicle. It is also safer to stay on the tourist path and not stray to side streets or small out of the way towns.

  1. Puerto Penasco: Two hours south of the Lukeville boarder crossing in the Sonoran State of Mexico, this small resort area is amazing. The resort is built on the beach. There are many places to rent from, most of them being fully equipped condos. They rent out everything from one bedrooms to five bedroom suites and villas. The condos all have private beach access, pools, restaurants, gift shops and bars. To avoid paying too much eating at the on-site restaurants either buy food to cook in the condo or go into the small adjacent town which is full of eateries that are inexpensive.
  2. EnsenadaLocated on the Baja peninsula, Ensenada is a great tourist area on the Pacific coast.  Ensenada has wonderful wineries, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Just south of Ensenada is La Bufadora, a marine geyser that is only one of three in the world. There is plenty of shopping, fishing, golf and affordable lodging.
  3. Rosarito: Also located on the Baja peninsula, Rosarito is a great weekend getaway. The beach town offers great surfing, shopping, dining, arts and lodging options. Travel with a large group and rent a condo for a more budget friendly trip, or try camping on the beach. The condos on the beach are actually more affordable than the ones in the city center.
  4. Cancun: Famous for spring break, Cancun, located on the Yucatan peninsula is a popular getaway. Cancun has beautiful hotels on white sand beaches and some of the best nightclubs in Mexico. Near Cancun is a biosphere, ancient Mayan Ruins and the beautiful island of Isla de Mujeres. There is an abundance of shops, swimming areas and entertainment options. 
  5. Mazatlan: A sprawling city on Mexico's gold coast with amazing beaches and water sports.  Mazatlan has an active seaport, historical attractions, spas, all-inclusive resorts and my other lodging options. Mazatlan is a favorite vacation destination because if it's comfortable year round climate and strong sense of history.
  6. Cabo San Lucas: Known as the Jewel of Baja California, this great town has world class golf courses, sport fishing, shopping, authentic Mexican arts and foods and lodging available for every budget.  Cabo is a popular wedding destination with all of it's all-inclusive resorts and majestic beaches. Cabo San Lucas has an abundance of tours, land and water sport packages.
  7. Costa Maya: Is a small tourist region in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. Costa Maya has two small villages and a modernized port with a tourist centered shopping mall. The towns offer affordable lodging, a cruise ship port, water sports and are located near some of the smaller Mayan ruins.
  8. Acapulco: Acapulco is a municipality and a major sea port. It is located in the State of Gurerro. Acapulco offers every amenity available in any major city around the world. It offers very updated and modern lodging options along the coast as well as throughout the rest of the city. There is plenty of tourist based activities to do such as, water sports, shopping, spas, tours, hiking and much more. It is a very budget friendly vacation destination.
  9. Cozumel: The Island of Cozumel is located in the largest reef system in the Americas and is famous for diving, beaches, jungle and marine life. Cozumel offers a surprisingly large number of lodging options. It is a small town that is rich in heritage and culture and a great Island destination for the adventure minded.
  10. Puerto Vallarta: A small coastal town where guests can experience it's charming beauty and authentic traditions. Puerto Vallarta is a budget friendly vacation destination. There are affordable activities and tours, lodging and cuisine options for everybody. Puerto Vallarta also has some of the most prestigious at galleries in Mexico.
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