10 Best Places To Travel In Central And South America

People who are tired of going to the same old vacations spots can now look to 10 best places travel in Central and South America as options for vacation. It is certain that the scenery is going to be quite different from that seen anywhere else. For ease, the list has been divided up into two sections: Central America and South America.

Central America

  1. Belize: Much of what makes travel in Central America so unique are the different types of things that can be seen in the ocean. One such sight is the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, which is located in this country.
  2. Costa Rica: This is a good destination for birdwatchers, but others will enjoy its lush rain forests and other beautiful sights, too.
  3. Guatemala: Ride a “chicken bus” (remember the scene in “Romancing the Stone”?) Yes, they do exist, and many tourists who don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time use them because they are so inexpensive. Be warned, however, they are not very reliable. But, hey, isn’t doing something different why you chose to travel in Central America?
  4. Honduras: Visitors to this Central American country will enjoy viewing the large statue of Christ ascending into heaven that overlooks the city of Tegucigalpa.
  5. Panama: Panama is considered one of the safest destinations to travel in Central America. Further, the American dollar is used, so there’s no need to exchange currency. And, of course, there is the Panama Canal.

South America

  1. Argentina: Specifically visit Patagonia, the closest you can get to Antarctica from this side of the world.
  2. Bolivia: Travelers can either stay in upscale hotels or choose to “rough it” a little by staying in cheaper accommodations where they might actually get to snuggle under a llama wool blanket. Indigenous people still make up a great part of Bolivia’s population, offering a more ethnic experience during your travel to South America than in other places.
  3. Brazil: Are you a Civil War buff? Then travel to South America, and visit Americana, Brazil, where the few remaining descendants of Civil War expatriates still remain and still pay homage to Old South through celebrations and festivals.
  4. Ecuador:  No travel to South America would be complete without a trip to Ecuador, where you can stand with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and one in the Southern Hemisphere at Mitad del Mundo (“The Middle of the World”). Ecuador is also the closest country to the Galapagos Islands, so many tours to those exotic and unusual islands originate in Ecuador.
  5. Venezuela: When you travel to South America, if you visit Venezuela, you will see Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. That should make your visit a truly memorable one.


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