10 Best Places To Travel For Hobbyists Sex

 From the wild western deserts of Nevada to Thailand and brothels to bargirls, the 10 best places to travel for hobbyists sex can be found all over the globe. Although prostitution and other forms of commercial sex are prohibited throughout most of the United States, they are popular and perfectly legal in many other countries, as long as the participants are consenting adults. If you are looking to travel for the purpose of engaging in hobbyist sex, be sure to check out these 10 best places.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is often the first place people think of in reference to hobbyist sex. Many establishments employ "bargirls," where girls work as bartenders or go-go dancers. They are often scantily dressed, and are generally available to be taken off the premises for a specified "bar fee", which you will pay to the bar. You will negotiate your fee with the girl separately. "Bargirls" whom are employees of the bar are generally safer than "freelance" sex workers, as they are accountable to their place of employment and are less likely to steal from you.
  2. Nye County, Nevada. Less than 2 hours outside of Las Vegas, Nye County is one of the eight counties in Nevada (the only U.S. state with legalized prostitution) to have active, licensed brothels. Because of its close proximity to Vegas, Nye County houses some of the most popular brothels, including The Chicken Ranch and Sheri's Ranch near the town of Pahrump. These brothels are considered quite safe, as girls are tested for STDs monthly and conditions are regulated by the state.
  3. Carson City, Nevada. This capital city in western Nevada, just miles away from the famous MoonLite Bunny Ranch, is where you'll find The Love Ranch owned by Dennis Hof.  Near The Love Ranch, you will also find The Kit Kat Guest Ranch and The Sagebrush Ranch.
  4. Queensland, Australia. Private sex work and brothels are legal and government regulated in Queensland. There are over 25 active brothels operating in this region.
  5. Victoria, Australia. Brothels and private escort agencies are both legal in Victoria, and as a result, there are about 95 licensed brothels and over 2000 small-owned sex businesses currently operating.
  6. Manila, Philippines. Similar to Thailand, the Philippines offers female companionship in the form of "bargirls". Girls here often wear their "bargirl" ID tags in visible places, and are supposed to be regularly tested for HIV and other STDs. The girl's fee and/or the bar's fee are not directly attributed to sexual services but to companionship; however two consenting adults may engage in sexual activity if they so choose.
  7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam is known for being one of the most internationally liberal and stigma-free cities, and sex work there is legal, common, and regulated. De Wallen, its largest "Red Light District", is a top destination for international sex hobbyists. Oftentimes, sex workers wait in easily visible windows, coffee shops, and other public places. There are also over 100 licensed brothels. Homosexual sex work is also common and accessible.
  8. Switzerland. The licensed brothels in Switzerland are thought to be high-class, and typically have a reception area as well as well-kept private studios in major cities.
  9. Prague, Czech Republic. Prostitution is widespread in Prague, and girls can often be found through newspaper advertisements. Although brothels are illegal, it has been estimated that there are upwards of 10,000 individual prostitutes working in the city's sex industry.
  10. Canada. Canada can be a great, friendly place for sex hobbyists if they are willing to use some discretion. While the act of exchanging sex for money is not illegal, the government does not license brothels or allow street solicitation. Most sex work is arranged through private communications, including telephone and e-mail. This is perfectly legal and very common.

Remember, before you visit any location, be sure to read up on current commercial sex laws-the last thing you want is to be arrested or jailed in a foreign country where you don't speak the language and may not have access to adequate legal representation. Just because a country approves of certain kinds of prostitution does not mean that all female citizens support it or want to engage in it. Also be sure to check each location's age of consent.

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