10 Best Places To Travel In January

Here are the 10 best places to travel in January. January is one of those months where people are either exhausted from traveling for the holidays and don’t want to go anywhere or they waited until after the holidays to travel. Regardless, there are still plenty of places to go.

  1. China The Chinese New Year is celebrated with dragons, fireworks, and celebration and lots of them. The biggest parties are in Beijing and Hong Kong but it doesn’t take long for you to be able to hear them all over the world.
  2. Turkey Another rare animal sport takes place in Turkey. It’s camel wrestling and the biggest and best shows take place on the third Sunday of January. It’s played at this time because it’s the camel mating season, before the matches the orchestrators parade a young female around to rile up the males. Animal lovers don’t worry, there’s nothing gory, just natural fighting.
  3. Philippines It’s called Ati-Atihan and it’s a giant street parade. It lasts for two weeks, but it’s the last three days that are an absolute must see. The noise is enough to rattle your bones but they are an unbelievably welcoming people and their motto for the festival is ‘No one should drink alone’. It’s considered to be Asia’s greatest party.
  4. Dubai This is bound to attract any woman who hears about it. Its called the Dubai Shopping Festival and it begins in the middle of January and ends in the middle of February. It’s basically one insane sale in one of the richest cities in the world, with fireworks, fashion shows, street performers, film festivals, and laser shows.
  5. Australia Believe it or not, in Australia their national holiday is celebrated with cockroach racing. Yes, cockroach racing. While it’s enough to make most of shudder and some of us run away screaming like the blond in a slasher flick it’s apparently an important event in Australia. And since I like Australia so much I’m not going to comment further.
  6. Colorado Everybody loves fruitcake right? Ha, that was sarcasm. We all know everybody hates fruitcake. Thus this Colorado festival comes at just the right time. It’s called the Great Fruitcake Toss and it’s one giant excuse to destroy those damn fruitcakes you always get and can’t do anything with. There’s tossing, launching, hurling, a fruitcake art show, a fruitcake derby, the farthest traveled, and a relay. Finally, something good can come from a fruitcake.
  7. Canada Who didn’t want to live in an igloo at least once when they were a kid? It’s a house made of ice! Canada, fittingly, is host to Igloofest, oddly this festival is designed to promote electronic music not the ice house. There’s always an interesting and eclectic line up of artists, both Canadian and international. Thankfully for the die-hard igloo fan in us all, there is an igloo village included in the festival.
  8. Maslin Beach,  Australia Alright, admit it. We’ve all thought about a nude beach at least once. Around January 26th of every year, they host the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics. There’s a discus competition, best bum competition, a flag race, and the nude three legged race, no comments please. If you don’t mind running around nekkid it’s something to try.
  9. Malaysia Hands down there are few festivals any where in the world that can match Malaysia’s Thaipusam festival for enough vibrant color to blind you for a while, liveliness, and raw animalism. It is Malaysia’s festival of faith, which explains why it’s such a huge deal and the memories will stay with you for years to come, and long after your sight comes back.
  10. New York It might be an obvious one, but the ball drop on New Years Eve in Times Square New York is something to see at least once in your life. It’s pretty incredible on TV, in life it’s overwhelming and a incredible experience.
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