10 Best Places To Travel In June

Here are ten of the best places to travel in June. June is one of those months that can be too hot to do serious activity in many places but there are some things that are worth it. Period football games to some of the biggest horse races in Europe to books, there’s a little for everyone.

  1. Hay-on-Wye, Wales There are two big festivals in the tiny town of Hay-on-Wye in Wales in June. With more books then any other city in the world Hay-on-Wye is naturally the place to host one of the world's greatest literature festivals. The Guardian Hay Festival of Literature is a place for people who loves books to come and talk and enjoy goat milk ice cream (it's actually very good and homemade). Taking place at the same time is How The Light Gets In Philosophy and music festival and both events take place form May 27th through June 6th.
  2. Throughout Japan There are dozens of festivals taking place in June in Japan. Some of the most notable are Takigi Noh Performance on the 1st and 2nd, the Noh performances are illuminated by candle light and take place at the Heian Shrine, it is absolutely stunning. Or you can check out the fertility festival called Dontsuku where local geisha carry around carved phalluses to pray for good marital relations and prosperity.
  3. Basel, Switzerland The greatest art show in the world takes place in June in Basel, Switzerland. It hosts almost 300 of the leading galleries from all over the world and more then 2,500 artists from decades ago to the currant fad. The city is on the banks of the Rhine and is easy to navigate if you want to look around outside the festival.
  4. Florence, Italy In Florence, believe it or not, hosts a football game every year in June. It’s not just any football game though. The first game was held on February 17th in 1530 and was used to insult and provoke the enemy troops that were besieging the city at the time. The game is played in completely authentic period costume from that time. Basically it’s two teams of twenty-seven guys in tight pants that usually ends with several flat out fights.
  5. Sommerset, England England is host to one of the biggest music festivals on the planet and it takes place at a small farm in Sommerset. It takes place on June 23rd and hosts some of the biggest names in music. It’s called Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts and it began in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix died.
  6. Kildare, Ireland The Irish Derby takes place on June 27th and it’s the biggest event in Irish racing. It’s actual name is the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby. It’s an excuse to dress up and party all day. Like the Kentucky Derby in the States usually decides the top three year racehorse in the States, the Irish Derby usually decides the best three year old colt in Europe.
  7. Ascot, Berkshire, England The Royal Ascot is one of the biggest horse racing events in England and takes place June 25th through the 19th. There’s a dress code, good food, and great horses. Plus plenty of years old traditions surrounding the race that are sure to making entertaining for visitors.
  8. London, England One word. Wimbledon. The greatest tennis tournament in the world that takes place from June 21st to July 4th.
  9. Bordeaux, France Of course France would have a festival celebrating wine. It’s called the Bordeaux Fete Le Vin and it’s huge celebration of wine that’s world famous. It takes place form June 24thto June 27th and there’s never been a better excuse to drink all day.
  10. Castrillo de Murcia, SpainT his festival is called The Baby-Jumping Colacho Festival. Seriously. It's a celebration of Corpus Christi full of processions and you do actually jump over babies. If nothing else it’s something to see that you can brag about for years. How many people can say they went to a festival where you jump over babies?
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