10 Best Places To Travel In March

The best places to travel in March for most people revolve around somewhere warm or involving some special meaning. Typically March means Spring Break, Easter and the coming of the Spring season. Depending on age, these may not apply to all but are a general overview on the 10 best spots to travel during the month of March:

  1. Cancun, Mexico – Known for the wild and outlandish, this spot is THE place to travel in the month of March. Don't let the warnings cause anyone to lose appeal, Cancun is fun in the sun and a non-stop party for a good portion of March. 
  2. Ireland – What would the St. Patty's month be without taking a trip to where St. Patrick originated from? March is bound to bring nostalgia to those who wonder about the meaning behind the day and maybe want to get the true meaning of green beer and drunken brawls. Everyone has been warned.
  3. Daytona Beach, Florida – This is another hot spot for party goers and just as warm. This is one of the 10 best places to travel in March because it is still on American soil and just as warm as the Mexican hot spot used for the same reasons. 
  4. Rome, Italy – Lent is just getting over and the religious holiday is coming to a close for many people. Why not take a trip to a Mecca for the Christian beliefs? Attending Rome is on par with Elvis fanatics visiting Graceland. For the more conservative people, this is the best place to travel in March.
  5. Wrestlemania – This is one of the 10 best places to travel in March because Wrestlemania is one of the biggest events occurring in this month. Where else can you find entertainment, celebrities and somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 fans in one given night? Wrestlemania is the place to go.
  6. March Madness – This goes on all across the country and is fun for all ages. The tailgating and excitement of the games themselves can be enough to make anybody want to travel to an NCAA event. 
  7. Southern California – This is for the people who want to stay warm and get away from the cold. Anywhere in Southern Californai is usually a great stop to hit the beach and get a little sun. The warmth alone makes it one of the 10 best places to travel in March.
  8. Aspen, Colorado – Obviously there needed to be a little cold added in for the people who enjoy skiing. Aspen and the surrounding towns in Colorado are great places to stop and ski, snowboard or do whatever it is that people do in the snow. This will be the last month many ski resorts are open so might as well make time to fly down the mountain.
  9. Purim – Not to leave out other important religious dates, make sure to head off to a local Jewish center and celebrate in the events of Purim. While it is not a great idea to attend contemporary Israel for the event, heading down the streets with the customary goodies and happiness will be enough to make the travel to any Jewish Synagogue worth it.
  10. Las Vegas – True, there is no special reason to travel to Vegas in March, but it is Vegas, should there need to be a reason? It is warm, fun and called Sin City. What else needs to be said?

These are the 10 best places to travel in the month of March. There is something for everyone from nostalgia to religion all the way down to partying and gambling. There should never be a reason to not attend at least one of these amazing March events in a lifetime so get out and have some fun!

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