10 Best Places To Travel In November

Here are the 10 best places to travel in November. November is the month of the Turkey for most of us and the few other celebrations that take place in this month are overshadowed by Thanksgiving. Thankfully the rest of the world isn’t shy about putting other celebrations ahead of ours and there are some pretty interesting ones.

  1. Throughout Mexico There are few people who don’t know about the Day of the Dead. Though it’s a religious holiday in Mexico most people just use it as an excuse to drink. It’s a celebration of the dead with an atmosphere that’s more celebration then morning. There are tons of flowers, food, and sharing stories and memories of lost love ones.
  2. Chitwan National Park, Nepal There are few places where elephants are such a part of daily life. The sport of elephant polo is played in only four countries, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, and India and the Elephant Polo World Championships are held in Nepal in November. Can you imagine trying to play polo on an elephant?!
  3. Phimai, Thailand Thailand boasts one of the most colorful and beautiful festivals in the world. It’s called the Phimai Festival, held every November in the town of Phimai, a celebration of the cultural history of this region of Thailand. There’s plenty entertainment and for anyone wanting to learn, it’s full of Northeastern Thailand’s history.
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands Only in Europe, and the Netherlands, will you find a five-day long festival celebrating the joy of marijuana. It’s called the Cannabis Cup and it’s for everyone who loves marijuana. Marijuana experts from all over the world come to try out the varieties of marijuana and vote for the best one.
  5. Throughout England The fifth of November in England is one big excuse to light things on fire. Called Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night, it’s been celebrated since 1605 when Guy Fawks and several others tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The celebration is for the fact that they didn’t burn anything down and the plot failed.
  6. Melbourne, Australia The Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race in Australia, held the first Tuesday of the month. It has it’s own holiday in Victoria and its tradition to start to drinking champagne at breakfast and hope you’re still standing by the time the race ends at 3:30pm. In Melbourne the race is the culmination of the Spring Carnival, champagne is the house drink, and anything goes clothing wise.
  7. Lewes, Delaware Once again the States lay claim to one of the oddest, but entertaining festivals in the world. The first Saturday in November Lewes is host to the World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin’ Contest. A bunch of down-home boys spend their free time building machines to chuck pumpkins as far as possible. The world record is 4,026 feet and the only rule is that you can’t use explosives. The contest has been held since 1986 and some of the most out of this world machines show up.
  8. Buffalo, New York Disco is far from dead. Every Saturday after Thanksgiving the event known as the World’s Largest Disco is held in Buffalo. It’s been host to some of the greatest celebs from the '70s, including the Trammps, Greg Brady, Isaac Washington, Tabitha Stevens, and others. Most of the crowd dresses up and it basically turns into one big disco fever dance-a-thon.
  9. Cumbria, England Believe it or not Cumrbia is host to The World’s Biggest Liar contest. It’s held in memory of Will Ritson, the Landlord of the Wasdale Head Inn during the nineteenth century who was famous for the tall tales he told. Anyone can enter and they have two to five minutes to try and win the title.
  10. Abbeville, Louisiana Abbeville Louisiana is home to the Giant Omelette Celebration. It’s such a big event that Abbeville’s sister cities Bressieres, France; Quebec, Canada; and Malmady, Belgium send representatives and they help the locals cook the world’s only Giant Cajun Omelette. It’s called the Omelette of Friendship and it takes 50 lbs onions, 75 bell peppers, six and half gallons of milk, 5,000 eggs, 52 lbs of butter, three boxes of salt, and two boxes of black pepper.
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