10 Best Places To Travel In October

The fall months are generally when it begins to get cold, so if  you want to spend your October in exciting ways, you should consider the 10 best places to travel in October. With an overwhelming number of options, these locations will take out the over-thinking from your travel plans.

  1. Hawaii. No need to leave the country to stay warm during October. Hawaii offers a number of islands to visit and explore, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming, surfing, whale watching, boat riding and much more.
  2. Venezuela. This country is full of beaches and exciting places to see. Whether it's the capital (Caracas) or Andean Merida, the possibilities for October fun are endless: swimming, shopping, sightseeing and more.
  3. Los Angeles, California. Known for its great beaches, it is best to visit LA before it starts to get cold. And if fun, exciting beach trips are not enough, LA also has a thriving art culture, numerous parks and zoos, famous scenic views along Mulholland Drive and the well known Beverly Hills. A great place to visit in October.
  4. Miami, Florida. This city offers packed beaches, nearly year-round warm weather and a multicultural mix. This diversity is particularly exciting to enjoy while visiting unique shops and dining establishments that are authentic and one-of-a-kind. Miami also offers a highly expansive art experience, as visitors can visit one of Miami's many museums.
  5. Key West, Florida. Visit the southern-most point of Florida, or visit one of the many bars; this city is overflowing with an active, warm lifestyle.
  6. Puerto Rico. With endless rainforests and mountains, this country offers a uniquely beautiful travel experience amongst many English-speaking areas. A great pick for an October vacation.
  7. Austin, Texas. One of the best places to travel in October, Austin offers a great music and arts scene along with many notorious and delectable dining options.
  8. Santa Cruz, California. For those seeking a calmer, but still warm, experience, Santa Cruz offers an adorable city with endless diners. The city also has a fair by the sea, offering heavenly sunsets complemented by Ferris wheels and laughing teenagers.
  9. Chicago, Illinois. If you are looking for the cold in October, then Chicago is your place to be. Although winter is not fully set in by October, you can have a chilly experience in the windy city as you walk to visit the many theaters, shopping avenues and parks.
  10. Orlando, Florida. Visit Disney, Universal or one of Orlando's many water parks. A great place to go with kids, partners or a large group of people, this city has unavoidable excitement and thrills.
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