10 Best Plane Crash Survival Movies

The 10 best plane crash survival movies of all times are a varied bunch. They range from films where the survivors eat one another to heartwarming, made-it-home alive flicks. The following plane crash survival movies are cinematic works of art, minus “Final Destination.”

  1. “Alive” “If you eat me, do you promise to clean your plates?” With a quote like this, how could “Alive” not make the top of the best plane crash survival movies? “Alive” has it all. A visually stunning plane crash, survivors eating the dead and an amazing escape and rescue. To top it all off, this movie was based on a true story!
  2. “Fearless” This is not a fun movie, but is most definitely one of the best airplane survival movies of all times. Based on the book by Rafael Yglesias, the movie follows Jeff Bridges’s character, Max Klein, and his attempt to cope with the post-traumatic stress of the crash. This movie makes the top ten for quality acting and writing.
  3. “Knight and Day” A cool spy movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, “Knight and Day” incorporates one of the best plane crash survivals in movie history. The plane doesn’t exactly crash, but is crash-landed after Tom Cruise kills everyone on board and brings the plane down.
  4. “Cast Away” A list of the best plane crash survival movies is bound to include “Cast Away.” Tom Hanks does a great job dropping about 60 pounds to demonstrate the fact that he’s been stuck on that damn island for four years after his FedEx plane crashes into the South Pacific. One downfall with the movie, love interest … Helen Hunt. Still, awesome plane crash (you can say that when it wasn’t real) and overall story.
  5. “Final Destination” The original in the “Final Destination” series. After a group of teens skips their flight based on a premonition, the Grim Reaper gets pissed off that they didn’t die and hunts down and kills the “survivors” one by one in creative ways. This movie is actually more of a best plane crash survival movie.
  6. “The Flight of the Phoenix” This 1965 movie starring Jimmy Stewart makes the ten best plane crash survival movies of all time. After a plane wreck in the Sahara, the survivors must get out of an unforgiving desert before they run out of water. This is done by making a second plane out of parts from the first plane. Plausible, right?
  7. “Die Hard 2” As if doing an airport pickup wasn’t bad enough, John McClane must fight terrorists (again) when they take over Dulles International Airport and threaten to crash land planes.
  8. “Con Air” A cool, stupid movie with lots of fighting and crashing. Nicholas Cage plays a good guy convict who has to get home to his family via “Con Air” flight. This is an over-the-top Jerry Bruckheimer production with a plane crash smack dab in middle of the Las Vegas strip.
  9. “The Edge” Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins fight it out in the Alaska wilderness after their small bush plane crashes into a lake. They also fight a bear. Over and over. Fight each other, fight the bear. The end. Still, kind of fun.
  10. “The Hindenburg” A big pre-World War II Nazi blimp crashes while landing in New Jersey. While not a plane, a pretty cool disaster movie from the ’70s. “Oh, the humanity!”
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