10 Best Playboy Pics Ever

The 10 best Playboy pics ever remains indisputable for the most part. Hugh Hefner, the founder of the scandalous magazine "Playboy," likens himself as living the straight male's ultimate dream. In fact, the multimillionaire's established company has presented some of finest models in modern-era American history, including divas, fashion models, actresses and Hollywood concubines. Many of these bunnies elicit a throbbing passion, but only a dozen continue an all-time legacy since Playboy's inception.

  1. "Playboy" December 1953. Marilyn Monroe broke the first issue of "Playboy" as an instant sensation. Marilyn Monroe espoused the release with an audacious ownership, in spite of the critical media pundits. Marilyn Monroe garnered mass attention as a master seductress. Her beautiful curls, curvaceous frame and alluring body language mounts her at top of the number one divas to capture one of the best "Playboy" pics ever.

  2. "Playboy" May 2004. Pamela Anderson's triple D's has landed her on the cover of "Playboy" for a grand total of twelve times. Pamela Anderson revealed her bits entirely for the first time in the May 2004 issue, which had men scrambling to add a copy to their collection.

  3. "Playboy" December 1995. Farrah Fawcett opposed posing nude in her career, despite her sensational bathing suit poster. Fawcett's "Playboy" issue outsold any other during the 1990s. Her gorgeous sun-kissed skin and luxurious golden blonde hair compliment her more lustful assets.

  4. "Playboy" July 1988. Cindy Crawford enlivens any magazine cover; however, her pose for Playboy in 1988 emptied the newsstands. Many publications regard Crawford as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  5. "Playboy" December 2007. Kim Kardashian found herself in the spotlight due to her well endowed backside. Kardashian's protuberant figure became the object of every man's wild imagination.

  6. "Playboy" December 2000. Carmen Electra graced the pages of "Playboy" in 2000. Electra's symmetrical curves and radiant skin electrifies the atmosphere.

  7. "Playboy" July 1994. Jenny McCarthy won Playmate of the Year in 1994. McCarthy, famous as the co-host for the MTV dating game show "Singled Out," elucidates what it means to carry true beauty. McCarthy's voluptuous body leaves most men squirming.

  8. "Playboy" December 2004. Denise Richards showcased a tantalizing scene in the movie, "Wild Things." Richards decided to show more, and "Playboy" thanked her for it.

  9. "Playboy" March 1991. Stephanie Seymore feeds into the dream of aspiring musicians. Seymore was the girlfriend of Axl Rose, member of the rock band Guns N' Roses. Seymore's brunette luscious thick hair and strong facial features accentuate a sonsy bosom.

  10. "Playboy" April 2004. Rachel Hunter hails from New Zealand and poses quite elegantly for "Sports Illustrated." Hunter also found herself topless for "Playboy" in April of 2004. The Rubenesque beauty reinforces the MILF stereotype portrayed in most Hollywood films.

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