10 Best Playstation 2 Fighting Games

The 10 best Playstation 2 fighting games will take you down memory lane. They are the very best in fighting games that also show off the true power of the now-obsolete Playstation 2. If you had a Playstation 2 in the early part of this 21st century, you likely enjoyed yourself.

  1. "Soul Calibur III." "Soul Calibur III" was the best Playstation 2 fighting game due to its great balance of technical and fast gameplay. This iteration of this franchise also featured three new characters and ultra-smooth character animation.
  2. "Tekken 5." "Tekken 5" ran at 60 frames per second, which made it a revolutionized way for fighting game fans to experience this genre of gameplay. This game was a fan favorite due to customizable characters and sweet gameplay.
  3. "Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution." If you were not an arcade fighting game fan, you still found this Playstation 2 fighting game accessible. That was the true beauty of "Virtua Fighter 4." That, and the fact that it was a game that was very reasonably priced, so that you didn't have to spend a lot to get a whole lot of quality.
  4. "Street Fighter Anniversary Collection." This is the fourth-best Playstation 2 fighting game because it allowed fans of this storied franchise to relive all the best iterations from previous installments. It allowed fans to get their fill of both "Street Fighter III: Third Strike" and "Hyper Street Fighter II," which are two titles included on this compilation disc.
  5. "Mortal Kombat: Deception Collector's Edition." "Mortal Kombat: Deception Collector's Edition" features both online support and a large amount of gameplay. These two innovations progressed the number of options that players had for themselves in any Mortal Kombat game up to this point. This fighting game brought the Mortal Kombat series to the Playstation 2 in perfect style.
  6. "Marvel versus Capcom 2." The reason this Playstation 2 fighting game was so popular was easy: It featured Street Fighter characters getting into tussles with a host of Marvel Comics characters. The result? One hell of a fighting game that was so close to its arcade version that only hardcore purists could really appreciate it.
  7. "The King of Fighters." "The King of Fighters" is all about true, Japanese-style fighting brought to your Playstation 2 console. The staple of fighters in "The King of Fighters" series is second in popularity only to the "Street Fighter II characters," so having this game on Playstation 2 was huge news to fighting fans.
  8. "Guilty Gear X2." Though this is only a 2D fighting game, it is loaded with rich features that fighting fans can get drunk on. The roster of players is insanely huge at twenty, and each of them features dozens of moves, too. With all the possibilities that such an options-rich game includes, you can go crazy playing this for dozens upon dozens of hours.
  9. "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3." This Playstation 3 fighting game is what resurrected the reputation and popularity of the "Dragon Ball" series on the console. This game is famous for the technique known as cell shading, which basically makes the graphics appear as though they are straight out of a cartoon.
  10. "Fight Night Round 2." The final best Playstation 2 fighting game is "Fight Night Round 2," although it is a boxing game. It still qualifies as a fighting game because of its focus on the technical side of fighting, the focus on one-on-one combat, and the variety of the different venues. Another great bonus here is the game's character creation system, which is very deep.
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