10 Best Point Guards in Basketball History

In arguably the most important position in basketball, the 10 best point guards in basketball history have proven their worth to their respective teams.  For these elite point guards, they truly reflect the skill and talent needed for their team’s success throughout the years.  All of these athletes have reached the NBA Hall of Fame, or certainly will.

  1. Magic Johnson.  Magic Johnson was a dominating force in all five positions, which can be seen in his five titles with the Los Angeles Lakers.  His accomplishments also earned him a number of honors, such as his twelve All-Star appearances, a three-time MVP, and a three-time NBA Finals MVP.  He was a quintessential team player who could take over a game, and did when necessary, to dominate and lead his team.
  2. Oscar Robertson.  According to ESPN, he not only averaged a triple-double for one season, but in the first five seasons when the games are strung together (30.3 points, 10.6 assists, and 10.4 rebounds from 1960-65).  Robertson was the greatest post-up point guard of all time, and certainly in contention for the top spot of the best point guards in basketball history.
  3. Bob Cousy.  It’s hard to argue against Cousy’s six titles, which are the most of any player on this list.  Cousy was a phenomenal all-around player.  His thirteen All-Star selections and statistics provide Cousy with a top sport in the best point guards in basketball history as Cousy led the best dynasty in history.
  4. John Stockton.  Stockton may not have a ring, but he is the all-time leader in assists and steals.  A solid player with great instincts and fundamentals, his efficiency and stability at this high level of excellence is proof in his ten All-Star selections.
  5. Isiah Thomas.  Thomas was a player with a great deal of toughness and heart.  With the ability to steal, pass the ball, drive, and with excellence dribbling abilities, his talent stretched on both sides of the court, in addition to his will and determination.
  6. Walt Frazier.  Walt Frazier remains perhaps the best point guard in basketball history.  He was also strong on the boards, in addition to his scoring and assist abilities.  An excellent team player, Frazier had the ability to take over when needed.
  7. Jason Kidd.  Kidd averaged 9.2 assists per game; that number is behind only Magic Johnson, John Stockton, and Oscar Robertson.  Kidd is one point guard who helps his team without scoring-his passing ability, defensive ability, and strong rebounding ability illustrates this quite well.
  8. Nate “Tiny” Archibald.  For those who are not familiar with Archibald’s abilities, his ability to drive, when coupled with his blinding quickness and speed, is reminiscent of Allen Iverson’s game.  His scoring and passing ability has paved his way into the Hall of Fame.
  9. Jerry West.  West was a fabulous offensive and defensive presence.  He is a fourteen-time All-Star, with ten-time All-NBA First Team and three-time NBA All-Defensive Team honors.  His overall abilities and clutch performance marks his career within the greatest of point guards in basketball history.
  10. Steve Nash.  As his MVP seasons grow, Nash’s presence on the floor marks his success on the court and has earned him a spot as one of the greatest point guards in basketball history.  He truly makes his team better with his presence, and is able to drive, shoot, and pass the ball extremely well.

Reference: ESPN

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