10 Best Pop Bands

Listed below are the 10 best pop bands. Pop has been a wildly popular genre of music over the last half century, and many notable artists have established themselves as prominent pop groups over the course of the years. Many of the classic musical groups are still revered today as the best. Following are the ten best pop bands.

  1. The Beatles: There is no denying The Beatles. They rightfully top the list, as they became as popular as any musical group ever in the sixties, and they have maintained that status to the present. The Beatles just about invented pop, and influenced most artists that came afterwards.
  2. Blondie: An American pop band that epitomizes the genre, Blondie was formed in the 1970s. It originally consisted of Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, but the band has progressed through the years, and new, talented musicians have come and gone.
  3. The Rolling Stones: Another British rock/pop band, the Rolling Stones were the original competitors of The Beatles. They were another fundamental band that helped to shape the future of pop for bands that followed in their footsteps.
  4. No Doubt: Formed in 1986 in California, No Doubt has had great success as one of the best pop bands from America. Gwen Stefani usually leads the vocals, with her original and provocative voice, and a few other talented musicians also contribute to the signature sound of No Doubt.
  5. Black Eyed Peas: Beginning in 1995 in Los Angeles, the Black Eyed Peas have worked their way up. Now, they are one of the fundamental American pop bands, and their songs are heard in just about every club or part around.
  6. The Who: The Who formed in 1964 in England. They have primarily a rock style, but some of their songs conform to the pop genre. Many of their songs addressed social issues that young people faced ("My Generation," "Won't get Fooled Again," "Baba O'Riley"), making The Who very influential in pop music.
  7. 'N Sync: This American pop boy band was wildly successful in the 1990s. Like The Beatles thirty years before, 'N Sync was an iconic pop band for teenage girls at the time of their success.
  8. Backstreet Boys: Beginning in the early 1990s, before 'N Sync, this successful pop boy band had a number of modern sounding hits over the last couple of decades. They were, like 'N Sync, very popular among young ladies.
  9. Spice Girls: The Spice Girls are a more recent pop band, but they were wildly popular in the UK in the nineties. They, in a way, set the standard for modern pop girls bands.
  10. Atomic Kitten: Another more recent British girl pop band, Atomic Kitten has a unique style that they place into their songs. They have wildly successful covers of many previous pop icons which have contributed to their success.

The earlier groups helped to set musical standards, and more modern ones contributed to the evolution of the genre, leading to the pop music that we have today.

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