10 Best Pop French Songs

The 10 best pop French songs may not be that well known outside of Paris but they are hugely popular in the land of frogs and Champagne. Traditionally the French are known for their art and wine rather than their music but as the 10 best pop French songs prove, they have a surprising number of gifted musicians. Sadly many people outside of France cannot speak a word of French which means the lyrics of the best songs are often overlooked but most good songs are more about the tune than the words anyway.

  1. "Joe Le taxi" Vanessa Paradis. This was one of the rare French pop songs that made a splash overseas.  Vanessa has an unusually large gap between her two front teeth but it does not detract from her pretty face in the eyes of her fans. Years after this hit she hooked up with movie star Johnny Depp.
  2.  "Ca Plane Our Moi" Plastic Bertrand. With a name like Plastic you are going to be accused of being a generic pop star but Bertrand was actually on the fringes of pop and punk. He burst onto the scene in the 70s and is still popular today with this song being his biggest hit.
  3. "Jamafrica" Yannick Noah. He was once a famous tennis star and is now best known as the Dad of NBA star Joachim Noah but in between he was a pop star in France. This song sounds like a cross between Duran Duran and Bob Marley which means it has to be one of the 10 best French pop songs.
  4. "Sans Contrefacon" Mylene Farmer. This is a great pop song for playing in dance clubs because it is fast enough to get the party started and has a real 80s feel to it. Mylene adds the odd moment of high pitched singing but even without her brief contributions it would still rank as one of the best French pop songs. 
  5. "Du Style" Jena  Lee. This song sounds exactly like a Britney Spears song even taking into account the fact the lyrics are incomprehensible. Jena is one of the rising stars of the French pop scene and based on this fast paced ditty she has a bright future ahead of her.
  6.  "Belle Demoiselle" Christopher Mae. He is the rising male star of French music and this song is his best effort so far. It is catchy even for those who cannot speak French. He mixes a nice voice with some pop and an acoustic guitar.
  7. "Aisni Soit Je" Mylene Farmer. This definitely has a bit of a Duran Duran feel to the background music but to mix things up Mylene adds a pianist to the equation.  More of a ballad than her other entry into the top 10 French pop songs but it is worth a listen.
  8. "Victoire" Shy'm. The curiously named Shy'm is a woman with a great voice who bears an uncanny resemblance to Janet Jackson. The only bad thing to be said about Shy'm is that it appears that she learned to dance at the Vanilla Ice academy of movement but it is a good French pop song.
  9. "Non non non" Camelia Jordana. This song which roughly translates as "no no no," is a fun song that sounds like a cross between and Amy Winehouse and Aqua. It has a lot of competing elements but it is a huge hit in France and one of the best French pop songs in recent years.. 
  10. "Ame Souer" Jena Lee. Like Britney in the English speaking world, Jena cannot stay out of the charts for long. This song is slower than most of her popular hits but it is about her sister so maybe she is trying to make it more meaningful.
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