10 Best Pop Party Songs

The 10 Best  Pop Party Songs have a great amount of history to share in their songs. They are the songs, which not only made it on the charts but also dazzled many people with lyrics and a mood to start any party in a house or on a block. party songs bring the party crowd together and set the mood for the entire day or evening of the party. Many people have enjoyed these songs.

  1. “Tequila” by the Champs  What a great song to have a drink and party with your friends. This song caused people want to party and have fun. Truly this song is one of the great pop era of songs one of the greatest and best top pop party songs.
  2. “Push It” by Salt N Pepa  This was a very hot tune which gives everyone a bit of a boost to want to party and listen to music. It is a fun song for everyone to grab a bag of chips, a margarita and pull up a chair.
  3. “Hey Ya” by Outkast  This song is another party song for the young ones to dance to and sing to at a party. It is filled with one and fun for anyone to listen to. It brings everyone together as if it is a festival of sound. This songs does it all.
  4. “Mony Mony” by Billy idol Billy idol could make any girl want to dance and party. He is the signs of the yesterday star who could really sing. He spruces up any party and creates a party atmosphere. This song should be considered the one of the 10 best pop party songs.
  5. “No Parking on the Dance Floor” by Midnight Star This song creates quite the party atmosphere. It sings a great time for a great musical party. All and everyone will be singing to this tune. No one wants to park on the dance floor. not only is this song a great party song, it is also a great dance song.
  6. “We are Family” by Sister Sledge What a great and memorable song to sing at a party. It truly was the song of the 70s. it created one of the best soul sounds of the time. It should always be considered one of the top 10 pop and party songs of the era.
  7. “Everybody Everybody” by Black Box This was the dance song of the 70s season. Everyone wanted to dance to “Everybody Everybody”. It gave everyone a time to want to party and dance on the dance floor. It brings a party back together for parties. It truly is one of the top 10 best pop party songs.
  8. “Dancing Queen” by Abba He was seventeen as the song goes. He could dance and he could have the time of his life. This was a great song for any party and still is. It brings any party to life and has and holds a great tune. This song can bring people to dance at a party and on the dance floor.
  9. “Shout” by the Isley Brothers  This oldie but goldie has brought many people to want to party. It has a sound of jump and come alive. It remains a true and cue on time party song. It brings the party back to life. the lyrics create an atmosphere for the crowd to sing along and shout.
  10. “I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor  What a great song for everyone to sing and party to. This song talks about a break up but tells how the person will survive anyway in life. It plays a tune of creative qualities that brings out the best in everyone. It talks about survival after love has been broken. It truly is a pick-me-up for everyone. What a great party song and positive one.
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